Book Review – Eye of Minds

the following article was written by a BNS student who writes for our student library blog, the Bibliophile. Thanks for your contribution,T.C.!
James Dashner does it again with another exhilarating adventure with his new series, The Eye of Minds. This thrilling read is bursting with action, which keeps you on your toes throughout this electrifying experience.


Don’t miss this exciting adventure, The Eye of Minds, by James Dashner!

It all starts off with the brave, yet impatient protagonist, Michael, a 16 year-old teen. Michael is fascinated with the VirtNet, a virtual gaming world that exemplifies everything about the real world. Inside the VirtNet, Michael is accompanied by his two best friends Bryson and Sarah, where they usually hang out together, although he has never met them in real life.

However, events take an unexpected twist for Michael, as he is briskly whisked away into a black car with two masked men. From here, Michael enters the VNS, the creators of the VirtNet, and comes into contact with Agent Weber of the VNS. Agent Weber delivers shocking news to Michael about a new dangerous gamer named Kaine. Kaine is an extremely talented hacker that has somehow manipulated people, and has trapped them inside the virtual world. Furthermore, Agent Weber wants Michael and his friends to find Kaine, deep within the virtual world coding.

Now, join Michael and his friends on this enchanting venture, as they journey across uncharted territory deep within the virtual world in the thrilling read, The Eye of Minds.

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Book Review – The Humans by Matt Haig

the following article was written by a BNS student who writes for our student library blog, the Bibliophile. Thanks for your contribution,O.Y.! 

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This is not your typical alien arrival story. Matt Haig’s The Humans is set in the perspective of an alien from the highly developed planet of Vonnadoria. He occupies the body of Professor Andrew Martin, an English professor who has proven the Rienmann Hypothesis, a major mathematical problem that would revolutionize the world. Unfortunately, the Vonnadorians, have decided that the human species have “developed technology at a rate too fast for human psychology”. The Vonnadorians believe that the humans are not yet ready for this breakthrough. Thus, as “Professor Martin”, our protagonist must navigate the bizarre world of human life in order to eliminate all who know about this discovery.

Haig presents a third-person, objective protagonist who wryly comments on the quirks of humans. The Humans is a delightful, philosophical look at humanity’s core values, including love and mortality.

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