Looking for ideas for great summer reads…?

If you’re looking for some inspiration to keep you reading this summer, or if you’re just trying to get your hands on some good books, why not check out what the Burnaby Public Library has to offer?  You might be interested in their Teen Summer Reading Club, or you might find what you need on the BPL Teens site or just by browsing the shelves at your local branch.  Happy summer reading!!!

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Before you come to pick up your report card…

make sure you have returned all of your library resources! Students who have outstanding resources and fees will have their borrowing privileges suspended for the next school year. Grade 12s with overdues? It is bad karma to carry books and fees into your future so bring everything back today!

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Author Ray Bradbury dead at 91

Science-fiction author, Ray Bradbury passed away at home in California at the age of 91.

He did not see himself as a science fiction author despite his most famous work beingFahrenheit 451, where books are burned in a futuristic fascist state. He authored 27 novels and more than 600 short stories. As for where he got his ideas from? He was quoted in the New York Times in 2000 as saying,
Bradbury, “the auto was only 20 years old. Radio didn’t exist. TV didn’t exist. I was born at just the right time to write about all of these things.”

Have you read Fahrenheit 451 or any of Ray Bradbury’s short stories? What are your thoughts on his works and style?

Image from empmuseum.org.


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