Booksellers and Libraries

This Saturday was Independent Booksellers Day and I went over to one of my favourite, Iron Dog Books.  This is a small, but busy, bookstore.  The owners started with a bus, but now have this great little shop on Hastings.  I have other favourites as well.  Over in North Van, Edgemont Village, a great little community, is bookended by 2 stores; on the north end, 32 Books, and at the south end, Kidsbooks.  This is a satellite of the original Kidsbooks in Kitsilano.  All of these bookstores are wonderful places, filled with books (of course), and, wait for it, employees who are readers!  This is the joy of independent bookstores.  When you go into one, the booksellers are also book lovers, and therefore book readers.  They are founts of information and suggestions.  Their enthusiasm for the books they order and sell is palpable.  I have bought many a book that I’ve ended up loving on the recommendation of these wonderful people.  They are my people and I love the opportunity to visit and to surround myself – and you, BMSS students – with their books.

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