Hunted By the Sky

World building, magic, magical creatures, a possible saviour character, good vs. evil; these are just some of the characteristics of a good fantasy story.  In Hunted By the Sky, in a world inspired by medieval India, Gul watches her parents be murdered by the king’s warriors because she has a sun-shaped birthmark on her arm.  Because it was prophesied that a girl with such a birthmark would vanquish the king, he is determined to ‘disappear’ all girls with these birthmarks.
Gul is rescued by the Sisters of the Golden Lotus, a rebel group who try to teach her to use her magic.  But as has been her whole life, her magic, if she has any, doesn’t work.  But Gul does learn to fight and she wants nothing more than revenge on the king.  So when she is of age, with the help of a non-magic boy, Cavas, she finds her way into the palace grounds and into one of the palaces.  But she is in a dangerous place, and without magic, her life, and Cavas’s, may be in danger.

Genre: Fantasy
Published: 2020

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