Jurassic Park

Please click below for the piano part. The metronome clicks should help you count it out (until the very end where I had to edit out my mistake 🤦‍♀️) Here’s the music so you can practice at home:

Hedwig’s Theme

A huge thank you to Evan, for recording this so beautifully for us! Please click below to listen: Please click on the links below for the 2 pages of our song

Cup Routine for Sunday Best

Hi everyone! If you’re looking for something to do, why don’t you join me in practicing a cup routine for Sunday Best by Surfaces. And if you’re really inspired and want to take a video of yourself to send to me you would make my day!…

What’s Your Jam?

Hey everyone! A huge thank you to all of you who played along and submitted the song (or songs!) that you’ve been jamming to since I last saw you. You’ve introduced me to a lot of great new music (K Pop!), as well as reminded…

What’s Your Jam?

Hey everyone! I’m sure you’ve all noticed the flood of amazing music on YouTube these days. A lot of famous musicians are even creating socially-distant collaborations, all from the comfort of their own homes! The world has changed so much, seemingly overnight, and many people…

Terry Fox, Fight Song

On September 20th, we celebrated Terry Fox in a school wide assembly. As a school, we learned the song Fight Song to honor Terry and the fight he went through to help so many others overcome cancer and inspire millions! To hear 1000 people sing…

O Canada

To start off our 2019/2020 year, Mrs. Winter, Mrs. Kuban, and Ms. Hicks reviewed O Canada in English and French and the Coast Salish Anthem. Here is a recording of Ms. Masuhara, Ms. Ford, and Ms. Byrne’s classes singing O Canada in English.