Musical goodies

Here are some fun and interesting music videos!

This video is from the game Line Rider. The creator has designed a track that syncs with the music “In The Hall of the Mountain King”. Enjoy!


This is a song created using songs from a Bulldog! His owner sets up a microphone next to his dog so as he pets and rubs his dog, he captures the sounds. He then goes back to edit the sounds into one song together!


The video below was used in a Japanese cell phone ad in 2011.  They built a giant xylophone that was 50 yards long and was tilted at 12 degrees in order for the ball to run down the length of the xylophone.  The entire xylophone was made up of 413 bars.  After many attempts of different types of wood and shapes they managed to find the perfect sound.  The xylophone was set up on a hilly spot just outside of Kama City.  It took three days to set up and six hours to film.  The sound engineer had to hold a gun microphone and chase after the ball as it ran down the xylophone.   The song that plays as the ball rolls is Bach’s Cantata 147 (“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”).


Here are a group of students aged 7-14 who are part of a percussion ensemble known as The Louisville Leopard Percussionists.  The members are from 48 different schools around Louisville, Kentucky.   In this ensemble, students play a variety of different instruments, including xylophones, vibraphones, marimbas, and a drum kit.  In this video, they are playing a song written by a rock group from the 1970’s named Led Zeppelin.


This video features the Ohio State Marching Band playing Hollywood Blockbusters as part of the halftime show at one of their football games.   Marching bands are very popular in American high schools and colleges.    Students are not only expected to learn and memorize all of the music but they are also expected to march and move into formations in order to create large pictures for the audience to see all while playing their instruments.


Here is a student group playing a medley of songs from the famous musical “Les Miserables” on hand chimes.  Each student must watch and follow the music closely in order to play at the correct time.