Option 2: Songs That Connect Us

Sit down with one family member ask them what song brings them closer to their culture, community, or simply what brings them joy. (You have the choice of reaching out to a family member that does not live with you. Have a Zoom/FaceTime call with them and interview them that way!)

1. Interview and Listen! Interview 1 family member, and listen to the song together.

2. Practice Retelling! Practice retelling what you just learned to another family member. This will help you remember what you just learned, AND you will maybe teach your other family member something new! Play the song for them, and explain why the first family member loves it so much.

3. Record! Write down or record yourself speaking about the song your family member shared and why it’s important to them. Submit your writing or recording to your music teacher.

Here is an example of Mr. McPherson completing this assignment: