Our “Happy-List”

In this busy time, many people around the world have turned to music to spread joy. In Italy, musicians go to their balconies and play their instruments for the community. In Vancouver, one DJ plays music from his balcony immediately following the 7:00 thank you cheer for first responders. Watch the video below for a great example from two 12 year old performers!

Listening to music can be a powerful tool to come together as a community or on your own with headphones in!

Your task is to think of one song that makes you feel happy. It can be of any genre, from a movie, a video game, a song you heard in the mall, or anything else you can think of. After you have thought of your song, find someone else at home and ask them for one song that makes them feel happy! You will submit the name of these two songs to your portfolio on Fresh Grade and then I will add them to your class’ Happy-List which you will see on this screen. When you submit the two songs, please include the name of the group/singer/composer so I can find it. Please make sure the music is appropriate! I will be checking the lyrics before I add the song to make sure it is appropriate.

Below, I have included my own example. I added a few of my favourite songs that make me feel happy and then I asked some friends and family for their favourite happy songs to add.

2 thoughts on “Our “Happy-List”

  1. Lamar’s favourite happy song is”You’re Welcome” song from the movie “Moana”.

    Lamar’s mom’s favourite happy song is Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”.


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