Option 2: Listen, Draw & Reflect

1. Listen

Listen to all the songs on your playlist: 

Primary Playlist (K-3):


Intermediate Playlist (4-7):


   2. Draw

Choose one of the songs to listen to again.

Listen to the song and draw what you hear. That’s right, draw the music that you hear. Use shapes, colours, patterns, etc. to draw the music. 

You have two options for drawing:

      a) Draw on a piece of paper. Please write the name of the song and your name on the piece of paper. 


      b) Use a computer to draw on https://sketch.io/sketchpad/. Please write the name of the song and your name on the screen. Export your images as pdfs (ask your adult to help).

  3. Reflect

Listen to the song again while looking at your drawing. Does your drawing match the song? 

Intermediate students, we are asking a little more out of you. Find the lyrics to your song online (if lyrics exist). Explain the meaning of this song using the lyrics. Does this match your drawing? Please provide one paragraph.

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