Choir Challenge in honour of Ms. Sakic

Hello singers! We miss being able to sing together — there is something so magical about combining our voices in song! Thankfully, with the help of modern technology, we’d like to create some of that magic through online means. As you may remember, we spent some time before spring break practicing the Super Top-Secret Song Surprise for Ms. Sakic. We’d still love to create a musical surprise for her and we’d love to have you in it! So….

  1. take a look at the attached lyric sheet
  2. practice singing along with the attached soundtrack
  3. gather anyone in your family who would like to participate and set up your smartphone, computer etc to record a video
  4. hit “record” on your device
  5. hit “play” on the soundtrack (this might be easier if you could play this from a different device)
  6. sing and dance (if you don’t remember the choreo go ahead and freestyle)!
  7. email your video to

Deadline for this will be Wednesday, April 15. We’ll edit all the videos together to create a fun tribute for Ms. Sakic. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kuban.

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