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Early Learning

Early Learning Framework


B.C. has updated the Early Learning Framework to recognize the new realities of children, families and communities. The new framework was developed in collaboration with early childhood educators, primary teachers, academics, Indigenous organizations, Elders, government and other professionals. It includes several key changes:

  • Expanded focus to children from infancy to eight years of age (previously five years of age)
  • Increased focus on reconciliation and Indigenous worldviews
  • Increased focus on inclusive practices 
  • Connects with new K-12 curriculum, core competencies and primary program principles
  • Focus on integrating theory with practice
  • Updated inquiry questions address all early learners

View B.C.’s updated Early Learning Framework to see what’s new.

Click here


Thank you to Lillah Martin and her team from the Surrey School District, for sharing these early learning documents.

Phonemic Awareness Document

Alphabetic Principle Click here

_Observational_Checklists click here

primary reading surveys click here

The Importance of Rhyming Click Here

Segmenting and Blending Click Here

Syllabication Click here

Here are some early reading strategies taken from “Catching Readers Before They Fall”.

early reading strategies

Click below for information on Concepts About Print.

Print Concepts Assessment


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