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We are excited to have Kelsey Keller return to our school district this year for her workshop on the core competencies!  Kelsey is a teacher and consultant, who presents all over British Columbia on the revised curriculum, and has done extensive work on implementing the core competencies in her own classroom.  She will provide us with new practical and manageable strategies you will be able to use in your classrooms right away!  Attached is the poster.  Sign up on the staff development calendar.  I hope to see you there!


What Matters

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What happens when a young boy picks up a single piece of litter?  He doesn’t know it, but his tiny act has big consequences.  What Matters gently explores nature’s connections, from the minuscule to the monumental, and traces the ripple effects of one child’s good deed to show how we can all make a big difference

Thank you to Leah Dixon, from University Highlands, for sharing with us a great picture book to use when teaching students about effective self and peer assessment.  This book will have your class laughing, while at the same time learning about how to accept compliments as well as criticism.  


“Thanks for the Feedback, I Think!”  by Julia Cook

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