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Thank you to Lisa Stong, teacher librarian at Burnaby Central Secondary, for creating this youtube channel!  She has compiled a list focusing on BC authors providing book talks, read alouds, and writing tips!  Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

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We have a published author in our Burnaby School District staff community!  Diane Chubb, EA at Stride Ave. Community School, has written this lovely book called, “Hello World”.

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to see Diane read it!

Thank you to Nicole Wilson,  for sharing this great lesson based on one of my favourite picture books, “Whimsy’s Heavy Things”.

Listen to the read aloud here:

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Students are invited to create worry dolls.  The steps are here:

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Thank you Nicole!

Thank you to Vancouver Kidsbooks for creating such a thoughtful collection of books.

On Instagram, they wrote, “as booksellers, we are responsible for championing the books outside of the mainstream of publishing and find the #ownvoices books that are often stifled”.

Thank you to Stephanie Good, Teacher Librarian at Stoney Creek Community School and the DLRC,  for creating this beautiful poster.  It includes book suggestions in honor of Pride Month.


Thank you to my friend Karen, who introduced me to this great activity she is doing with her children.  Thank you also, to Long Creations, for creating this!  Click below to download a time capsule book for kids to work on during the pandemic!

Click here to download the booklet.




My son’s Grade One teacher has been assigning writing activities, and has been encouraging students to watch these short videos first.  Today my son watched the video on how to write a “how to” book, and then wrote his own book.  He really enjoyed doing this.  He is often reluctant to write, and this had him engaged for a long time!

I encourage you to watch her videos, and you might want to ask your students to watch them, and try the writing the teacher is modelling.

Here is the link to her video on making a “how to” book.  I’ve attached my son’s book too!

click here for video

James’ How To Book


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