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Thank you Jan Chow from sd41  for your bulletin board of prompting questions!

Thank you Kelsey Keller from sd43 for these examples!

Thank you Taryn Simonson at SD43 for your examples!

Thank you Leah Wallace at SD 43 for your examples!  I love the kid writing!

Exploring the Communication Core Competency through story, the learners read the story “Sorry I Forgot to Ask.” Through this story the learners identified that a note left by the characters mother was not specific enough and was the reason that the kids in the story got in trouble. From there, the learners re-wrote the note using their understanding of what communication looks like, sounds like and acts like.  Cassie McGuinness, Grade 1/2 teacher, SD43.


Thank you to Brenna Willis, Grade 4/5 teacher at Brentwood Park for these beautiful photos, which will inspire many!

Vivian Cheng, Grade 4/5 teacher at Montecito, brainstormed this with her students!  Talk about student ownership!

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