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Communicating Student Learning through Blogfolios / ePortfolios

Communicating student learning is a reflective process. These blogfolios/eportfolios grow with our students to invite the deeper conversations as well as learning to powerfully engage in the digital world. *For more information on the purposes, please contact any member of the Learning Technologies Team. 


Google Apps for Education (GAFE or G-Suite)gsuite_logo

(*2017-> Significant updates to this platform.)


Raz-Plus  (*new pilot 2017 year – finite number of class licenses [34 seats] paid by district)

Skoolbo Canada (Math and Literacy basics) skoolbologo

Software – Take Home Copies (Staff)

  • Adobe CS4 – SECONDARY ONLY (Take-Home copy)
    •  CLICK HERE – Secondary school administrator manages licenses.
  • Adobe Cloud (on SD41 Learning Portal)