Communicate Learning via ePortfolios

triangle_abstract500How do we view assessment and the feedback loop? How do we create an environment that supports self-regulated learning? How do we capture learning and make it visible with the intention of reflection? How do we develop a culture of thinking? How do we connect with and develop partners in dialogue? These are only the starting points of this journey.

Started as a pilot in May 2015 and quickly expanded to 17 classes (500 students), blogfolios continue with a focus on deepening the dialogue and journey of reflection, assessment and learning. (Currently there are 4000 blogfolios across elementary and secondary – and counting…) 

sd41BlogFolios Handbook


Each session is documented in the subpages. Here are the direct links:

1 – Communicating learning 

2 – Deconstruct the Platform (Capturing Voice)

3 – Visible Thinking and Single Point Rubric


Sample letters you may find useful to share with parents. Please edit according to your needs.

Self reflection prompts (some leading statements or questions that might be used as anchor charts or supports for parents and students) 

 IMAGES, VIDEO, AUDIO (compress prior to upload):