Battle of the Books 2021!

Welcome to the BOTB 2021! It won’t be happening in the typical way, but we ARE going to make it happen! Please see the padlet below for the books we will be using this year. If you are in Grade 7, they may look familiar. Books went out last year before Spring Break and then our world changed. If you still have any of these books at home (or know any gr. 8s who might) please just bring them back…no questions asked. 🙂




Book Fair!

Clinton is having a Virtual Book Fair!

The Virtual Book Fair will run from November 23 – 30.

Visit our school’s Virtual Book Fair site using this link:

On November 25, shipping is FREE for families from 6:00 – 8:00 PM, so mark that in your calendars, too! Without a minimum $35 order, shipping will be a flat fee of $6 at other times during the Fair.

As with the physical Book Fair, teachers would like to choose a few books for their classroom that could be bought and brought in to donate to the class. It is a fun way for kids to share reading with each other and leave a legacy in their classroom when they move on next year. Please see Mrs. Hossack if you would like to have a special sticker to add to the front of the book with you name and Division.

Please continue to check this page, as I will be adding the teacher wish lists as I receive them.

Division 15 K Ms Wilson

  • We Are All Welcome
  • What if You Had An Animal Tongue?
  • Little Red Ruthie
  • Worrysaurus
  • Waiting is Not Easy

Division 14 K Ms Wong

  • Do Not Open This Book!
  • Meet Terry Fox
  • Waiting is Not Easy
  • The Good Egg
  • We Are in a Book

Division 13 K/1 Ms Cheung

  • Meet Terry Fox
  • All are Welcome
  • Do Not Open This Book
  • The King of Kindergarten
  • What if You had an Animal Tongue?

Div. 11 Gr. 1/2 Ms Vieira and Ms McCarthy

  • Meet Terry Fox…gifted! Thank you!
  • The Worrysaurus
  • Unicorn Diaries…gifted! Thank you!
  • Fresh Princess

Div. 10 Gr. 2 Ms Enchelmaier

  • Meet Terry Fox
  • The Girl and The Wolf
  • Fly Guy and Fly Girl
  • What If You Had An Animal Tongue?

Div. 9 Gr. 2/3 Ms Chang and Ms Ellis

  • Meet Terry Fox
  • Bats
  • Slimy Animals
  • Be You!
  • Any Dogman
  • What if You Had an Animal Tongue?
  • The Worrysaurus
  • This Book is Anti-Racist

Div. 8 Gr. 3 Ms Eng

  • Grumpy Corn
  • Pig the Slob
  • Don’t Call Me Bear
  • Animal Superheroes
  • Meet Terry Fox…gifted! Thank you!
  • Any of these books in these series:
  • Press Start
  • Owl Diaries
  • Garfield…one gifted! Thank you!
  • Narwal
  • Dog Man
  • Cat Kid Comic Club

Div. 5 Gr. 4/5 Ms Benson

  • Meet Terry Fox
  • Guinness world records 2021
  • War stories
  • Worlds best illusions
  • Not quite snow white
  • All are welcome

Div. 4 Gr. 5/6 Ms Lowe

  • Dogman Grime and Punishment
  • Babysitters Club Logan Likes Mary Anne

Div. 2 Gr. 6/7 Mr Dosanjh and Ms Ellis

  • Blended
  • The Ickabog
  • This Book is Anti-Racist


Thank you for your support and Happy Reading!

Mrs. Hossack 🙂

National Indigenous Peoples Day

I hope you all had a wonderful National Indigenous Peoples Day yesterday!

See below for a message from our Elders, Elder Latash Nahanee and Elder Roberta Price, on this day.

Not quite sure what Indigenous means? Watch below…

And did you know??

• Since 1996, National Indigenous Peoples Day has been held on June 21, the
summer solstice and the longest day of the year.
• According to Statistics Canada, there are over 60 Indigenous languages in
• In the 2016 census by Statistics Canada, over 1.6 million people in Canada
identified as Indigenous, making up 4.9 per cent of the national population.

• British Columbia alone is home to 60% of Indigenous languages in Canada. In our
province there are 34 distinct languages involving 61 dialects.
• Not all Indigenous peoples do Pow Wows, potlatches, smudges or sweats.
• There are 634 recognized bands in Canada and 3,100 Reserves. The band refers
to the people and the reserve refers to the land.

I have so much I want to share with you, but I also know that you can do some research on your own! 🙂 So, I will leave you with one last link…

Watch below for a powerful documentary about 12 year-old twins who will cut their hair for the very first time in a Cree coming-of-age ceremony.

Oshkikishikaw: A New Day

Enjoy the day and keep researching and reading…feel free to share in the comments!

Mrs. Hossack 🙂

Library Books

Good morning!

It is truly the end of the year now and if you could please return your library books as soon as possible, that would be great. Thank you to all of you who have already returned them!

There will be a bin at the front doors of the school during school hours for drop off. Enjoy the beautiful weather and get a walk in to drop off your books. There will also be bins in the gym  when you come to collect your gear at the end of the year.

Not sure how many books you have and what they are? Click on the Library Catalogue from the school website:

Clinton School website

Click on Log In on the top right corner of the page. You log in just like you would for a computer at school. From there, you can see what you have out from the library. 🙂

Thank you for getting all your books to me and I look forward to hearing about what you read over the Summer!

Mrs. Hossack

National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21

On Sunday, June 21, it is National Indigenous Peoples Day

Click on the play button below to hear our very own Mrs. Loukopoulos’ podcast about local Indigenous musicians and artists. So great, Mrs. L! Well done!

Please check out this great video about Susan Point and Coast Salish art that was put together by April Strickland from our Burnaby School Board.


Finally, click on the image below to register for a virtual Drum Across BC.

Enjoy the weekend and check back on Monday for more ways to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day!




Div. 2 Story Studios!

Happy Monday Morning!

As  mentioned earlier, we have Story Studios from Grade 6 and 7s to share, as well. It was very fun to work with them on their “because moment” that was inspired by Mo Willem’s book, Because. Look back at May 20 to see the story and think about your own ‘because moment’ if you haven’t had a chance to yet! Check out a small selection of the wonderful stories that were shared…

Thank you to Emma

And Troy

Because video games were invented, people started playing.

Because people started playing video games, they became more popular.

Because video games became more popular, more were produced.

Because more were produced, I was able to access video games.

Because I was able to access video games, I was able to play video games.

Because I was able to play video games, I got more skilled at video games.

Because I got more skilled at video games, I was able to help others play video games at a higher level.

Because I helped others play video games at a higher level, they were able to help others play video games at a higher level.

And Kyle

I chose piano as my because moment because piano is the thing that got me into music, and piano helped me learn more about myself. Piano is important to me because through piano, and music in general, I’ve made so many amazing friendships, and learned that music taught me to be myself. Through piano, I get to express myself without even speaking words, because I let the piano do the talking for me, which is amazing. Piano has shaped and changed my life so much and taught me that I don’t always need to be stressed. I use music to cam myself down, and it’s really helped me throughout the years. Piano and music has taught me so much, and I can’t wait to learn more about myself through piano and music.

And Isabelle

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And Thomas…(click on the image below)

Great work Div. 2! 🙂

Spotlight on Division 7!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Apologies for the break in the blog content, but it has been a very busy couple of weeks with a return to school. Wonderful work and connections to each other and our community have continued to happen and I would like to share the spotlight with 2 different divisions to end the week. To begin, we have a Clinton Spotlight on Ms. Gabas and the Grade 3 and 4s in Div. 7…here is some context for the creations from Ms Gabas…

While walking along the Fort to Fort trail in Fort Langley, I was so delighted to see sweet painted rocks hidden sporadically along the trail, on the ground, in the trees, on stumps.  It was heart warming, especially as some of them had supportive and caring words on them.  I wanted my class to have the opportunity to feel like they could cheer people up, show  support and make a difference during this difficult time.

Here are some of Div. 7’s own heart-warming, caring rocks that you could find around our Clinton community! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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Spotlight on Div. 15!

Hello, Clinton Thunderbirds!

During this week we will highlight Story Studio from both the Ks and the Grade 6s and 7s! It’s so wonderful to have stories span the ages!

Division 15 has been doing Story Workshop in their own classroom Story Studio and I’m so happy they decided to share! Thank you to Allen, Jasmine and Simon. 🙂


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Congratulations, Clinton Writers!

Burnaby School Board’s 2019/2020 Words Writing Project is hot off the presses!

Congratulations to our very own Evan S. and Cara H. for representing Clinton so well! Great job!

Click below to read their words and other students’ around our district…

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