Because Moment

Good morning!

This morning, I met with Div. 2 and we read Because by Mo Willems. You all know Mo for the pigeon or Piggie and Gerald, but Mo has shared a deeper part of himself with this book. It is a story of inspiration and connection that run through us all. It might start you thinking about your own “because moment”. It’s incredible to step back and see how one act of kindness here, a risk taken there,  a serendipitous minor illness here…lead one to where they are.


To get yourself in the right frame of mind, listen to  Symphony No. 8 in B-Minor here. This is the piece of music that inspires at the very beginning of the book…


Wondering about the “because moment” of Because? Click below to hear from Mo  Willems and Amber Ren about Because. The music accompanying the video is “The Cold” by Hilary Purrington from the book.


Can you figure out your “because moment”? Or do some research about someone you admire or something you use or enjoy and realize what the “because moment” was? Feel free to join Div. 2 by using Story Studio to create and share. Or just sit in the moment and think about what your “because moment” might be.  As always, I’m available if you want to share…

I’ll leave you with Jessie’s reflection on Music at Clinton and the connection of all our students as they are “watered” by Mrs. Jefferson and students who come before. Which one of you will have Music at Clinton as part of your “because moment”? 🙂

Music Art by Jessie

Spotlight on Div. 3!

Welcome to our third installment of the Clinton Spotlight!!

Ms Stack and Division 3 highlighted Visualization of the novels they were reading. They created dioramas using materials found at home to make the climax come alive. They were amazing representations of how they saw the events in their novel.

This connects with our Story Studio…they were inspired by the novels they were reading to recreate the most exciting/scary/awesome part as a diorama. Like SS, they used objects and materials from home…unlike SS, they wouldn’t take this apart and clean up after. 😉

Please enjoy a selection of their creations…

Here is a stop-motion video interpretation of the diorama…a bit of a mash-up with Story Studio!


IMG_5605 (1)


Zaphyn really took things to the next level and here are a couple of different views as well as some explanation of her process…


I made everything myself using items around my house- but it helps that all 3 of my parental figures work with prop-building supplies, so i had many items to choose from. There are a couple different types of foam, a lot of paint, crafting gravel, a push light, cotton batting, moss, fabric, real dirt and some paper elements. I drew the soldier on my iPad and printed out 2 copies and used foam tape to make it have extra dimension, used a silver paint pen on his sword, and added drops of “blood” with puff paint.


Thank you to all of Div 3 and Ms Stack for sharing their interpretations of the climax in their stories! Keep sharing and creating and inspiring our Clinton community. 🙂

Mrs. H.

Inspire! Create! Share!

Good morning, Clinton Thunderbirds!

I wanted to share something with you that brings together the 2 Clinton Spotlights that I’ve shared on our blog. Krystal, from Div. 8, was inspired by Div. 2 and their beautiful landscape drawings. She drew a landscape of Antarctica with penguins and you can enjoy it below…


After seeing the Story Studios that were shared from Div. 9, she extended her thinking and used her landscape as a setting for a story!

The story involved Ms. Eng (Krystal’s teacher) traveling to Antarctica for a lifetime supply of ice!! 🙂

Ms Eng remarks that she needs more ice for her iced tea since it’s summer…Yay! She also sees a giant penguin and some small ones…

Thank you, Krystal, for sharing your creations that were inspired by others in our Clinton community. My heart is so happy, as I realize that even though we are not physically together at school, we continue to influence, encourage and connect with each other. ♥

Stay tuned for more inspiration from other students in our community…you all really are the best!

Take care and keep creating the stories of your time here…Mrs. Hossack 🙂


Good morning!

you can retell.
you can make up.
you can describe.
you can create.
you can build upon.
you can be inspired by.
you can learn from.
you can share.
you can enjoy.

You know I love stories and this morning we will talk about how to share our stories with others and perhaps inspire them to create!

Click here for a video example of sharing Story Studio  from The Hive.

There are many possibilities when it comes to sharing in Story Studio! You can simply tell someone your story, draw a picture of your story and then label it, or write the story. You can share your story by painting, drawing, sculpting, or using your imagination to share it creatively. Check out these wonderful examples from Div. 9 below!


Here is how Cara shared her story…she drew a picture of her story and then labeled it. She also wrote down the instructions of “How to Make a Salad”.


Anna’s Story Studio was a fiction story about an animal bridge…


Here is how Evan S. shared his Story Studio…


Nil’s creation and sharing about ninja’s…


Dexter shares his Story Studio about how the car got to the top…


Jocelyn shared a video to tell her story…

Creation by Jocelyn


It seems Ashlyn was inspired by Amy Krause Rosenthal and The OK Book!


Oliver, from Mrs’ Wilson’s Kindergarten class, used the Toontastic app to share his Story Studio. Unfortunately, I am not able to figure out how to share his video, but I’m working on it! In the meantime, check out the Toontastic app or other technologies that help us tell a story like Book Creator, My Storybook Maker or the Sway app in your Windows apps for school. There are many more, so please let me know if there are others you find that are worth recommending to others!

I will continue sharing Story Studios as they come to me, but thanks to Div. 9 and Mrs. E. for helping me launch you all  into the Story Studio world! I can’t wait to see how Clinton Elementary gets inspired to create and share with others! ♥ Please feel free to get in touch with me anytime if you have questions or comments about what I have shared.

Happy Storytelling!

Mrs. H.


Good morning to you!

I have opened up many windows and doors at my house to allow the fresh, sweet air from the rain to keep me company as I write this blog post. I can hear all sorts of birds and sounds of the city and can feel the cool air swirling around my legs. I can see trees and flowers and small green plants pushing through the soil in my veggie garden that will soon become peas, lettuce, kale and tomatoes. Yum! I also spy our dogwood tree and it is in full bloom. This is one of my favourite times of the year and could also be a wonderful inspiration for a wonderful story! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, experiences and observations can also be the beginning of a creation in Story Studio!

In Story Studio supplies are called Loose Parts and Story Materials.

Think of Story Studio Supplies as stuff. Stuff that you have in your homes and in your yards. Story Studio Stuff can be toys like cars, action figures, Playmobil people, Lego, stuffed animals. Story Studio Stuff can also be recycled items, bottle caps, toilet paper rolls, rocks, sticks, leaves. Story Studio Stuff can be ANYTHING large or small that learners can use to show their ideas, stories and learning.

  • Using ‘stuff’ build a picture to explain your learning
  • Move the stuff around to play out the story of your learning
  • Play out the learning story one or more times adding stuff or using new stuff.
  • Recreate the learning story with paints, pastels, crayons, clay, playdough, sand, sidewalk chalk…anything you’d like!

Click here for a wonderful example of a Story Studio at home from The Hive in Delta.

Now it’s your turn! 🙂 Listen to the story I read aloud yesterday to work with Div. 9 to do a Story Studio about insects and teamwork or take a walk in the rain to become inspired! Here are some at-home creations from Div. 9 to inspire you, too!

Creation by Nils


Creation by Malaya


Creation by Jocelyn


Creation by Evan L


Creation by Dexter


Creation by Cara


Creation by Anna


Creation by Ashlyn


Thank you to everyone that shared in Div. 9…so fun and creative! Check back tomorrow to see the final part of Story Studio…Sharing!

Mrs. H.



Good afternoon, Storytellers!

I am sorry to have taken so long to get this post out to you, but I have been having some technical difficulties today. Yikes! I have posted a new Read Aloud (under the Read Aloud page above) and I am hoping you will be able to access it. It is called The Snail and the Whale and it is a story about teamwork and exploration. As I told you last week, we will be taking Div. 9 and Mrs. Enchelmaier along on our adventure into Story Studio. We were doing it together before we left Clinton and they have continued to be inspired, create and share while learning at home. We hope you will join them and be inspired by their work that I will share. Division 9 is the next Clinton Spotlight!


Much of what I will share with you today is taken or modified from Delta School District website for The Hive. It is a pretty cool space for the entire district to share and is always set up as a STORY STUDIO.

Story Studio is a way for students to share their thoughts, ideas and learning in a hands-on, visible way. When we say Story Studio we don’t mean just made up (fiction) stories. Learning Stories are physical ways of showing what is in our heads. We use different materials to make our thinking visible for others. This visible thinking we call a Story.

Stories CAN be:

  • made up from our imaginations
  • sharing our feelings, worries, hopes and dreams
  • retelling a story that we read, listened to or viewed
  • retelling the story of a favourite show or movie
  • creating part two or the next chapter of a favourite book, show or movie
  • sharing the learning in many subjects

After we read The Whale and the Snail together, we can join Mrs. Enchelmeier’s and be inspired by a theme of insects and teamwork or you can go wherever you are inspired to go! Today we shared a book, but inspiration can come from anywhere! You can read, listen, watch, experience or explore to become inspired!

Tomorrow we will talk about our “loose parts” or “stuff” that we use to create and share our connections and stories.

Please enjoy some inspiration from Div. 9’s previous story workshops…


Until tomorrow!

Mrs. H 🙂



Clinton Spotlight!

Good morning and welcome to our first Clinton Spotlight!

Just because we can’t see the real thing at school doesn’t mean we can’t share all the cool things that are still going on at Clinton! Every week on the Library Blog, we will have a spotlight on at least one Division in our school and see how they are creating, learning and thriving!

Our first Division is…drumroll please…DIVISION 2!!

Division 2 lives in Room 1 and they are a grade 6/7 class. Ms Loukopoulos and Ms Zappavigna keep things rolling in there and they wanted to share something they have been working on…

Division 2 created their own landscapes last week. They were asked to draw, sketch, or paint a landscape, one student even created a collage landscape. They could sketch their backyard, or a place they have been before, they could also follow a directed drawing that was provided for them. They were also asked to write an artist statement. The curriculum focus was to express feelings, ideas and experiences through creating landscapes. Please enjoy them and, if you want try to draw a landscape, please do!

– Draw a black and white landscape (stop whenever you need to)

-Draw a coloured landscape (stop whenever you need to)
Enjoy the following landscapes…they are amazing! Thank you to Daphne, Kailey, Kyle N., Celina and Loah for sharing with our community. ♥ What inspiration for us all!

This art piece I drew/ painted is a moon lighting the mountains and some water. The feeling I get is being alone, sadness and isolation. It just looks like some picture that just means sadness. I feel that the black and white colors just mean loneliness. It makes me feel empty, I also think it’s cheerless, but at the same time, it’s sadness is really elegant. I don’t know why but it looks nice when it’s sad and alone. ~ Daphne, Div. 2

Mountain in Winter ~ Loah, Div. 2


This art piece is a landscape of a sunset in a desert full of cacti. Last year, my family and I went on a 7-day trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, during the summer, and that’s what inspired me to make this landscape. I can still clearly remember the vibrant streaks of color every evening, as the sun would set and the colors were like rich shades of blood red blended with oranges, pinks, purples, crimsons –it was absolutely stunning & beautiful – and smack in the middle: the blazing, blinding, glorious, pineapple-yellow sun. It was like the last gasp of color before darkness fell. ~ Celina, Div. 2


Kyle N., Div. 2


This painting is a sunset at the ocean with two birds flying high in the sky. The feeling when I look at it is happiness because of the vibrant colours. ~ Kailey, Div. 2



A special weekend…

Good afternoon, Lovelies!

This weekend coming up will be more than just sunny! 😉 It is a special Sunday to say thank you and give a hug to special people in your life that love you and keep you going. It might be your mom or grandma or aunt or sister or good friend and they deserve some special recognition. Below you will find a few ideas for some homemade gifts and cards. ♥ Everything can be made with paper, scissors and some markers or pencil crayons…have fun and make someone’s day!!

You could use your special person’s name and make them some art to display or put it on the front of a card…


Or maybe you’ve all been reading a lot more with the extra time at home we have and could gift a book mark…you could make it into whatever you’d like!



Or you could try a fun, folding surprise card… 🙂



I will be sharing some beautiful work from Div. 2 tomorrow, but wanted to get you started on some surprises for Sunday!♥

Happy crafting,

Mrs. H.

Wonder Wednesday!

Good Morning!

I’ve been thinking a lot about our Story Studio space in the Library that was the cause of much wondering as it grew near our story area. It’s been a while, so here are some pictures to jog your memory. 🙂


This week, Division 9 is focusing on creating stories like we started in the Library before Spring Break. We started with what we wondered about and here are some of Mrs. Elchelmaier’s students’ creations. Thank you to  Zahra, Clare, Anna and Linnea. 🙂



It was such fun to work with them!

Ashlyn from div. 9 has already created and submitted her story and I can’t wait to share more with you next week to inspire you to make your own stories.  Oliver, from Mrs. Wilson’s K class has made a story on Toontastic app. Check back next week to see their creations and be inspired!

Next week, we will talk about how we can make our own story studio at home and everyone can take part. A read aloud will inspire you on Monday, we can talk about how to create at home on Tuesday and then think about how to share our stories on Wednesday. I can hardly wait!

If you’re waiting for story studio and wondering about wondering, check out Canadian author Mary Louise Gay and her book Any Questions that we have in our Clinton library.



Until tomorrow!

Mrs. Hossack 🙂

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