Clinton is having a Virtual Book Fair!

The Virtual Book Fair will run from November 23 – 30.

Visit our school’s Virtual Book Fair site using this link:

On November 25, shipping is FREE for families from 6:00 – 8:00 PM, so mark that in your calendars, too! Without a minimum $35 order, shipping will be a flat fee of $6 at other times during the Fair.

As with the physical Book Fair, teachers would like to choose a few books for their classroom that could be bought and brought in to donate to the class. It is a fun way for kids to share reading with each other and leave a legacy in their classroom when they move on next year. Please see Mrs. Hossack if you would like to have a special sticker to add to the front of the book with you name and Division.

Please continue to check this page, as I will be adding the teacher wish lists as I receive them.

Division 15 K Ms Wilson

  • We Are All Welcome
  • What if You Had An Animal Tongue?
  • Little Red Ruthie
  • Worrysaurus
  • Waiting is Not Easy

Division 14 K Ms Wong

  • Do Not Open This Book!
  • Meet Terry Fox
  • Waiting is Not Easy
  • The Good Egg
  • We Are in a Book

Division 13 K/1 Ms Cheung

  • Meet Terry Fox
  • All are Welcome
  • Do Not Open This Book
  • The King of Kindergarten
  • What if You had an Animal Tongue?

Div. 11 Gr. 1/2 Ms Vieira and Ms McCarthy

  • Meet Terry Fox…gifted! Thank you!
  • The Worrysaurus
  • Unicorn Diaries…gifted! Thank you!
  • Fresh Princess

Div. 10 Gr. 2 Ms Enchelmaier

  • Meet Terry Fox
  • The Girl and The Wolf
  • Fly Guy and Fly Girl
  • What If You Had An Animal Tongue?

Div. 9 Gr. 2/3 Ms Chang and Ms Ellis

  • Meet Terry Fox
  • Bats
  • Slimy Animals
  • Be You!
  • Any Dogman
  • What if You Had an Animal Tongue?
  • The Worrysaurus
  • This Book is Anti-Racist

Div. 8 Gr. 3 Ms Eng

  • Grumpy Corn
  • Pig the Slob
  • Don’t Call Me Bear
  • Animal Superheroes
  • Meet Terry Fox…gifted! Thank you!
  • Any of these books in these series:
  • Press Start
  • Owl Diaries
  • Garfield…one gifted! Thank you!
  • Narwal
  • Dog Man
  • Cat Kid Comic Club

Div. 5 Gr. 4/5 Ms Benson

  • Meet Terry Fox
  • Guinness world records 2021
  • War stories
  • Worlds best illusions
  • Not quite snow white
  • All are welcome

Div. 4 Gr. 5/6 Ms Lowe

  • Dogman Grime and Punishment
  • Babysitters Club Logan Likes Mary Anne

Div. 2 Gr. 6/7 Mr Dosanjh and Ms Ellis

  • Blended
  • The Ickabog
  • This Book is Anti-Racist


Thank you for your support and Happy Reading!

Mrs. Hossack 🙂