Handy Documents

Here’s a place that has some handy documents- hopefully making everyone’s lives a bit easier!

TOC Technology Instructions
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Instructions
District Email

Adding a Signature to your Email Address

Requesting Special Technology (Events, Guest Speakers, or Portable PA)



MyEDBC- Set Up 

MyEDBC- More Options

MyEDBC- “Droppable” Marks

Office 365

**Note, as of Feb 5th, 2018- all district documents have not been updated to state the new account/login names.**

(Student Login: <<YourStudentNumber@edu.burnabyschools.ca>>)                (Teacher Login: <<eEmployeenumber@burnabyschools.ca>>)

Office 365

Office 365- Michelle MacTavish’s Power Point

Office 365- Google to OneDrive Transfer

Office 365 Classroom- Notebook Sample

Office 365 Updates (February 2018)

Central’s App

Quick Start Guide

App Dashboard Guides

Video Tutorials


Log In Info


How to Book Resources


Jeopardy Powerpoint Templates

Double Jeopardy Powerpoint Templates