Handy Documents

Here’s a place that has some handy documents- hopefully making everyone’s lives a bit easier!

TOC Technology Instructions
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Instructions
Setting up your District Voicemail


Requesting Special Technology (Events, Guest Speakers, or Portable PA)



MyEDBC- Set Up 

MyEDBC- More Options

MyEDBC- “Droppable” Marks

Office 365

**Note, as of Feb 5th, 2018- not all district documents have been updated to state the new account/login names.**

(Student Login: <<YourStudentNumber@edu.burnabyschools.ca>>)                (Teacher Login: <<eEmployeenumber@burnabyschools.ca>>)

Office 365 Welcome Package

Office 365- Michelle MacTavish’s Power Point

Office 365- Google to OneDrive Transfer

Office 365- Outlook Mailbox Info

Office 365 Classroom- Notebook Sample

Office 365 Updates (February 2018)


Log In Info


How to Book Resources


Jeopardy Powerpoint Templates

Double Jeopardy Powerpoint Templates