Mystery in the Library

To celebrate Halloween we have brought back the annual Library Mystery. This year a precious Macaw has been stolen and you need to figure out which of the three suspects committed the crime. Spend time pouring over the clues to figure out how the person did it and why. This event will run until the end of the school day on Halloween.

Truth and Reconciliation Day

FNHA Marks National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Sept. 30September 30th has been declared Truth and Reconciliation Day annually in Canada, in recognition of the harm the residential school system did to children’s sense of self-esteem and well being, and as an affirmation of our commitment to ensure that everyone around us matters. It is a day to listen, learn, and celebrate Indigenous cultures, strength, and resiliency. This year we are celebrating it on September 29th, in schools.

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Library Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who applied to be a library volunteer! Unfortunately there are only 21 spots and we had over 60 applicants. If you were not selected, don’t be discouraged. Please apply again next year.

If you are on the schedule, please check in with Ms. Haigh or Ms. Saul to confirm that you are available for the shift you were given. Volunteering will begin on Monday September 26th.

Welcome back!

Library Matters – Welcome Back – Oakmont Village


Welcome back! We hope the summer treated you well and that you’re ready for another year of learning, collaborating and READING!

The library is up and running and ready for students to come by. Please remember, that before you can sign out any books, you must make sure you have returned all overdue materials.

Free E-Books for the Summer

If you’re looking for something to read over the summer months while the school and Alpha’s library are closed, you can visit Tumble Books for access to lots of titles specifically for Teens. The collection includes Graphic Novels, Novels and Shakespeare.

To access the collection visit:

Username:  burnabyschoolsPassword:   trial

This access will be available until August 15th 2022. Happy reading!

March 31 – Trans Day of Visibility

International Transgender Day of Visibility - Camp Kintail

March 31st is Trans Day of Visibility which is a day dedicated to celebrating trans people and raising awareness to the discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide. For more information about how you can be a better LGBTQ2IA+ ally  check out this pdf: Guide-to-Being-an-Ally-to-Transgender-and-Nonbinary-Youth.

The guide includes:

  • The difference between sex and gender
  • Basics of gender — identity, expression, and perception
  • Forms of address that show respect (names, pronouns, honorifics)
  • Helpful tips to increase understanding
  • Common mistakes and what to do if you’ve made one



International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day-  a global celebration dedicated to uplifting women and honoring their achievements. Below are 5 book recommendations if you’re looking to read some powerful female authors who write strong female characters.






Ms. Marvel Vol 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona. Kamala Khan is a Muslim teen growing up in Jersey City, idolizing Captain Marvel Carol Danvers and the Avengers. Getting superpowers like Captain Marvel does not diminish her fandom but makes her have to grapple with her newfound duty to help and to her family and culture. This has been the unofficial breakout hit of Marvel’s slate of comics and it deserves all the attention.



Lumberjanes Vol. 1: Beware The Kitten Holy (Volume 1) : Stevenson, Noelle, Watters, Shannon, Ellis, Grace, Allen, Brooke A: BooksLumberjanes Vol. 1 by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis. Diverse campers at a Girl Scout-esque summer camp who whose exclamations – Sweet Bessie Coleman! – reflect feminism and girl power? If you haven’t been reading this in issues, check out the trade paperback. It’s fun, powerful, and all about friendship.




Freakboy by Kristin Elizabeth Clark

Freakboy by Kristin Elizabeth Clark. Centering on three characters, one a transwoman and another a questioning boy wondering about gender fluidity, this novel in verse breaks stereotypes all over the place. It’s a good reminder to many of us that remembrances such as International Women’s Day and Women’s HIstory Month need to include transgender women as well as cisgender women.



The Hate U Give (The Hate U Give, #1) by Angie ThomasThe Hate You Give by Angie Thomas. This moving, timely book inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement follows Starr Carter as she deals with the aftermath of being the sole witness to her best friend Khalil’s shooting death by police. When it becomes clear the police have little interest in investigating the incident, protesters take to the streets and Starr’s neighborhood becomes a war zone. And Starr is the only person alive who can tell everyone what really happened that night.



Dumplin' : Murphy, Julie: BooksDumplin by Julie Murphy. Self-proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson has always been at home in her own skin. Until she finds herself liking Bo, a hot former jock. Instead of finding new heights of self-assurance in her new relationship with Bo, Will starts to doubt herself. So she sets out to take back her confidence by doing the most horrifying thing she can imagine: entering the Miss Clover City beauty pageant.

Trans Remembrance Day

November 20th is Trans Remembrance Day, a day that remembers and honours trans and gender diverse people whose lives have been taken by transphobic violence. To bring awareness to this important day, the GSA has created a vigil in the Library Learning Commons window.  There is also a display of books in the library with trans and gender non-conforming characters, as well as books that generally provide information on Pride and LGBTQ2IA+ topics.Come by to check them out!


Bookmark Contest WINNERS!

Thank you to everyone who entered our bookmark design contest, we had 40 entries! We have selected one junior and one senior student winner, as well as 8 runners-up.

Our big winners are Isabelle Wells in grade 10 and Rachel Seah in grade 11. These students will each be taking home a $20 gift card to chapters. Check out their beautiful entries below.














Our runners-up are:

  • Ayaat Al Shemari in grade 11
  • Laura Weiss in grade 11
  • Andrew Castillano in grade 10
  • Krista Tollefsen in grade 9
  • Silvia Wang in grade 10
  • Hasti Amhadian in grade 8
  • Natasha Wong in grade 11
  • Ella Tani in grade 12

These students will all have their bookmarks printed and available for student use in the library.

Congrats to all our winners!

Murder Mystery in the Library

Starting Monday, Alpha’s annual murder mystery is back. Come by the library to try to solve The Curious Case of the Clockwork Cleaner. A murder has been committed and there are four suspects. We will need your detective skills to solve this whodunnit. WHO? committed the crime, WHY? and HOW? Come on by to see if you can figure it out.