Social Studies

Canadian History – General Resources

Black History – Canada

Suffragist Movement – Canada


War of 1812

War of 1812 (Historica)

War of 1812 Timeline

American Revolution – Invasion of Canada

American Revolution – Loyalists

Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Fall of Quebec)


Sweatshops around the World

Cheap clothes have helped fuel the social revolution in Bangladesh – Globe & Mail article by Stephanie Nolen

Clean clothes campaign

Oxfam: Workers’ Rights



Standards of Living

OECD Better Life Index: Canada

UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child

UN Gender Inequality Index

International Human Development Indicators – by country



Canada’s Electoral System

Elections Canada: Electoral System Basics

ACE: The Electoral Knowledge Network: pros and cons of FPTP


Feudal System

Feudal Life (Annenberg Learner)

Everyday Life in the Middle Ages (BiteSize History)

Medieval Society: Daily Life (of a knight)


Canadian Regions

Physiographic Regions – Canadian Encyclopedia

Vegetation Regions – Canadian Encyclopedia

Geological Regions – Canadian Encyclopedia

Natural Regions – Canadian Encyclopedia (includes human activity)

Understanding the Canadian Shield (economic)

Mineral Resources – Canadian Encyclopedia


20th Century Equality in Canada

Chronology of Advances in LGBT Rights in Canada

Timeline: Same-sex Rights in Canada

Centre for Social Justice: Key Issues (economic, gender, aboriginal)

Ensemble: Discrimination in Canada (women, aboriginal)

Working-age Poverty (Conference Board of Canada)

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Human Rights and Disabilities (Government of Canada)

Canada’s Immigration History (Toronto Star article)


Global Issues

CIA World Fact Book

Human Development Index

African Economic Outlook 2012

Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors without borders)

UNESCO Education


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