Some of the  following are BC Digital Classroom websites and require a Username and Password but they’re not allowed to be posted online.  Please email me (


This is a curated list of top notch, cross curricular children’s media resources compiled by the American Library Association.  Some of the selections are free (or low cost).  Almost all operate on iOS and / or Android.



Education resources for teachers.   Account required.  Free signup.



Critical Thinking Consortium

Excellent ready-to-post materials across all subject areas.  Grades 4+.




K-12.  Arts, health, science, socials and math activities, programs and videos.  Teacher guides too.



Free until June 30, 2020.  Accurate and appropriate materials for all grades.  Teacher passcodes are in Lucky’s April 21 email.  Student use requires parent permission and separate logins that are set up via Discovery Education.



Encyclopedia of BC.  BC nature, history and geography.



Free sign up gets you access for 4 weeks to hundreds of digital versions of brand new books.



Lesplan Educational Services.  Grades 3 -12.

Excellent, free, ready-to-use materials on current Canadian and international issues.  Free sample topics include Covid-19, Australian wildfires, climate change, Amazon rainforest, drones and Ebola crisis.



Teacher guides, novel studies, audio and video clips.

Searchable by keyword, category and age group.



Free until June 30.   Open access webinars including ADST and coding.



Free until May 25.  Digital textbooks and mathology.



Free until June 30.   K – 12 ebooks,  language arts, science and socials resources.





Free until June 30.  Sign up required.

Gamify creative writing!  Collaborative writing game for all ages.