Hi everyone,

On Wednesday, November 18, Nelson Intermediate classes will be having a Zoom talk with Canadian children’s book author, Ted Staunton. Ted has written many kids books, including picture books, novels, and non-fiction titles. Ted’s website is www.tedstauntonbooks.com if you’d like more information about him.

He has recorded a video for us to watch before we meet him. Please watch the video HERE

In the video, Ted mentions 4 questions for us to think about:

1.) If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose?

2.) What are 3 things that you need to BEGIN any story?

3.) Which of these Canadian delicacies was NOT invented at a fall fair?

a.) pulled pork cinnamon rolls                  b.) Hawaiian Pizza

c.)  corn dog poutine                  d.) deep fried butter

4.) When a blizzard hit Vancouver in January 2020, one Vancouverite was filmed shoveling snow with which of the following:

a.) frying pan                b.) spatula               c.)  folding lawn chair                  d.) Zamboni