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Book Beasts-50 Nights

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Book Beast 200 Nights

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Book Beast 150 Nights

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Book Beast 100 Nights

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Book Beast 50 Nights

Click here for a copy of the 50 Night Book Beast sheet.

Book Beast prizes

Happy New Year!

The 50 Night Book Beast prizes have arrived! Thank you to everyone for being patient. You will receive your new book bag during your library class this week.

Tomorrow is the first day that you can hand in your 100 night sheets. I look forward to seeing who will hand their sheet in first! Keep on reading 🙂

Congrats to Mr. Gurniak’s Div. 6 class

I am so excited to announce that we have a second class that has reached 100% Book Beast participation…Div.6 Mr. Gurniak’s class! As I said at the beginning of the year, my hope is that our whole school can hand in their 50 night sheets, at least. After that, we work on 100% participation for 100 nights. Keep up the great work. Hope to hear that many of you are planning on reading LOTS over the winter vacation!

Congratulations to Ms. Heighton’s class, div. 5

A big congratulations to Ms. Heighton’s div. 5 class…they are the first class to reach 100% participation for the 50 Nights of Book Beast reading. There are a few classes that are so close to reaching the 100% mark… Keep up the great work! I am so pleased by the enthusiasm for reading this year and the improvement in students’ remembering to return their Book Beast forms.

Book Beast Update

Congratulations to all students who have handed in their 50 Night Book Beast reading sheets. I am amazed by the participation in Book Beasts this year! Keep up the great work. If you haven’t handed in your sheet yet, it is not too late! See Mrs. Roberts if you’ve lost yours and need a new one. Prizes should be coming soon. Stay tuned…