“Teach the Writer, not the Writing” ~ Calkins

Source: Troy Hicks. The Digital Writing Workshop. Heinman. 2009

 Troy Hicks, “The Digital Writing Worshop” believes that  our writers can achieve more, understand more, and discover more using digital tools, than in our traditional writing workshop.

In examining this photo, consider what happens in a typical writing workshop. 

  • What writing processes and expectations are the same as they have always been for print texts? What do you believe has changed?
  • Who are the writer(s) of the text? the girls who are seated, or the girl leaning in and using the trackpad? Who gets credit for having composed – a term that Yancey (2008) uses to broaden our notions of what it means to write with text, images, sounds and video – this text?
  • What behaviours do you believe need to be taught in order for students to work collaboratively as well as offer constructive responses to improve digital writing?

Homework: Read Chapter 1. and Comment on your thoughts on the above questions.