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iPad Apps that Enhance your Language Arts Program

Pete the CatJoined by a group of enthusiastic K-12 teachers and principals, we explored a number of apps at our District Pro-D session on February 21st. The feature story was Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin. After listening to the story and the oh-so catchy song, we used a strategy called Milling to Music to move around the classroom to share connections with different partners. Great energizing strategy to use across the curriculum!

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Click here for a copy of the handout.

Click here for ideas on how to use Popplet.

We would love to hear how your students are using some of these apps.

Spring News


Spring is definitely in the air – the buds are on the trees and the daffodils have poked their heads above the ground. This also  means that the latest newsletter is out.  Check it out here!

iPad/iPod Apps ShootOut – Multisensory Blitz

District Pro-D arrived on February 22nd.  Offered at two sites (Byrne Creek and Taylor Park) complete with video feed of our keynote to Taylor Park, it served as a reminder that connection, collaboration, ideas generation happen when we all come together.  With over 110 sessions, it was an electrifying event. No small feat for a large school district!

The iPad ShootOut Panel of Dragana Mihic (Teacher-librarian at North), Dave Maclean (Principal at Westridge), Livia Chan and Janet Chow (District Learning Technologies) provided a series of fast-paced rounds of idevice apps framed around the following questions:


Please connect with any of our panel or our Learning Technologies team to further explore.

app_explaineverything  app_videolicisou  app_toontastic   app_abilipad app_clarospeak    app_Bookcreator app_storykit app_storywheel
app_photosynth  app_haikudeck  app_lifecards    app_docscan   app_meriamwebsterdic  app_epiccitadel   app_sidebyside app_3dbrain   

Getting Extra Mileage from Apps


One of the things I find challenging is the inability of the iPad to support multiple open softwares (like my laptop).  Try using Side by Side.  This allows you to split the screen up to four windows at a time.  Read, research, download files and take notes can be integrated into a session.  This app has just been updated with access to Dropbox, making it even handier than before.


Linking Computer to iPads – Screenshare


No doubt you’ve run into many screensharing apps that connect a teacher computer to iPads.

Join.me is a free screen sharing meeting site that is simple to facilitate.  This can be used to enhance a lesson by sharing the teacher’s computer screen with student ipads [imagine the possibility of a student with visual challenges being able to participate fully in the lesson].   When the teacher wishes to share the screen, they go online to join.me and downloads a tiny exe – file to launch a session.  A number is generated  to be shared with the students to create the connection.  The student ipads must have the join.me app already installed.    [Thanks to Debbie Sitar for suggesting this!]

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