Participating on a Community Based Project is a fantastic way to make a real difference to our local community and to better the lives of people who live in our community. 

The one thing all community projects have in common is that they are ultimately geared towards changing collective lives for the better, and in helping to accomplish this you will experience your own personal growth, develop invaluable new skills and gain a genuine sense of achievement.

At Burnaby North we have partnered with a number of different groups to work on projects that are mutually beneficial.  


What is waste? Ms. Stuedel’s Art 9/10 class investigates with Artist Jacquie Rolston

BC Hydro

Students pitched ideas on how to improve electrical safety for teens to BC Hydro executives.


Speaker Series Talk with Project Director Lindsey Williamson Christy & a visit to Capcom game design studio.

ICBC, Burnaby RCMP & City of Burnaby

How can Burnaby North students improve pedestrian safety on Burnaby streets?

Port Moody Heritage Society & Station Museum

Immigration Talk & WWII Art Project with Socials 10 Art Enriched