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Burnaby North is happy to invite a number of different speakers on a variety of topics. We encourage community and business leaders to host a talk with our students about local projects, unique learning opportunities, community connections or innovative thinking. The ultimate goal of our Speaker Series is to create a school with “thin walls”, to create fluid connections to happens within the building to what occurs in the world around us. Check out the speakers list below and check back for upcoming dates and opportunities! 

2019-2020 Speakers & Field Trips

Date & Time Speaker & Organization Topic & Biography

Friday, May 29th 2020

(Sunshine Valley)


Tashme Japanese Interment Camp Museum Field Trip

($25 fee per student)

This is a limited trip for 40 students. Join us by taking a Chartered bus to the Sunshine Valley, (just past Hope, BC) to the Tashme Japanese Internment Camp Museum and site of the Tashme Camp during WWII. This field trip will cost $25 per student and money and forms are to be returned to Ms. Carey in Room 212. (cash, cheques payable to Burnaby North Secondary, or Cash Online under the Asian Studies 12 course link). This fee will include a chartered bus there and back, lunch on site, presentations from the curator of the museum and two Japanese Elders who lived at Tashme during Internment. This will also include a walking tour, photo activity, and more. Forms are in the office and with Ms. Carey. 
Tuesday, March 31st 2020
(AM Field Trip)
Vancouver Salesforce Office Field Trip  LIMITED TO 15 STUDENTS ONLY!
Join us for a morning field trip to the Vancouver Salesforce Office in Vancouver where business and technology professionals will show you how they are changing the world by making meaningful connections and enhancing relationships through software. This opportunity is deal for students interested in learning more about careers and post-secondary opportunities in technology. Pick up field trip forms in the office, with Mr. Chan in 316, or with Ms. Carey in Room 212. You must return your field trip forms to Ms. Carey or Mr. Chan no later than Tuesday March 11th as this is limited to only 15 students.

Monday, March 30th 2020 (Blocks 7 & 8)


Writers Workshop with Canadian Author David A. Robertson Join us in the library for a Writer’s Workshop and presentation from author David A. Robertson, a Governor General’s Literacy Award winning Cree Author from Manitoba.

Monday March 2th, 2020

Block 7
(Room 311)

Ms. Paige Blumer
Biomedical Visualization Specialist
Paige is a graduate of the Biomedical Visualization Master’s program from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has been working as a Biomedical Visualization Specialist the team at the HIVE at UBC since 2017, curating virtual medical educational content for UBC’s medical and health professional undergraduate programs. Paige’s background and interests include medical art and illustration, patient education, and exploring the effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on human physiology and development.  Join us in Room 311 in Block 7 where Paige will give a talk and workshop on bringing medical education to life using the most up to date techniques in visual learning and design. If you are someone who wants to drive healthcare forward, with innovation, enthusiasm, and some spunk, come to this session on Monday March 2nd!
Mon. February 3, 2020
Douglas College New West Campus Engineering Lab
Field Trip
Limited space field trip for only 18 students. We have been given an opportunity to get a private tour of the New Westminster Douglas College Campus Engineering Lab. Students will meet at Ms. Carey at the campus at 10:10am for a 10:30-11:30am tour. Students are responsible for getting to and from the Campus on their own. They are expected to return to North for their afternoon classes.
Mon. January 27, 2020
Nabil Karim:
ESPN Sports Anchor
Nabil Karim is a former Burnaby student and current anchor on ESPN. He has been an anchor on TSN’s SPORTSCENTRE as well, bringing viewers the most up-to-date news from the world of sports, with highlights and comprehensive game reports. During his time on TSN, Karim covered a number of major sporting events, including the 2013 and 2014 IIHF World Junior Championships, as well as UEFA EURO 2012. Karim also hosted TSN’s coverage of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games. Karim’s broadcasting career also includes covering the 2011 Stanley Cup and 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Nabil will be speaking to Burnaby North students regarding sports, broadcasting and the journey that took him from Moscrop Secondary to his current role on ESPN.
Wed. January 22, 2020
(1:45-2:45pm) Room 212
Langara Business Professor Ms. Christa Giampa Join Langara Business Professor Christa Giampa for an hour session as she tells you about what to expect in a first year Business Course, helpful tips, what courses and things may benefit you in preparing for Business courses and more. This session will take place on the Wednesday 22nd afternoon of Assessment Week in Ms. Carey’s Room 212. Starting sharp at 1:45pm.
Wed. January 22, 2020
WWI Historian
Mr. John Goheen
Join Mr. Goheen for a lecture on the WWI Battle of Passchendaele. Mr. Goheen is a principal in the Coquitlam School District. As a strong advocate for military history and remembrance, he ensures that students learn about the sacrifices made by Canadian Veterans. Since 1996, Mr. Goheen has been the tour guide for The Royal Canadian Legion’s National Pilgrimage of Remembrance. Mr. Goheen researches the backgrounds of fallen Canadian soldiers and recounts these individual stories at their gravesites. He selects specific cemeteries on the tour that have a direct link to some aspect of the historical itinerary. He is a strong advocate of Veterans’ Week, and he has been actively involved in the celebration of Veterans’ accomplishments and in the commemoration of their sacrifices. He has been an associate member of The Royal Canadian Legion since 1991.
Fri. November 15, 2019
(AM Field Trip)
Richmond BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus Field Trip Join us for a morning field trip to the Richmond BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus. Staff will be giving students a tour of the facilities, the classrooms, and all ‘hands on’ lab facilities. Get your field trip forms in soon as this is limited to only 18 students. 
Tues. November 5, 2019
Burnaby’s Annual Holocaust Symposium at Burnaby South The Social Studies teachers in the district put on the Annual Holocaust Symposium at Burnaby South from 8:30am to 11:20am. Students must get there and back on their own. 
Tues. November 5, 2019
(Block 7)GALLERY
UBC Chemistry Professor
Dr. Mark Maclachlan
Dr. Mark MacLachlan completed his BSc degree in Honours Chemistry at the University of British Columbia and his PhD in Materials Chemistry at the University of Toronto.  Following a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT, Dr. MacLachlan returned to UBC as a faculty member.  He is now a Professor of Chemistry and also the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Science at UBC.  Dr. MacLachlan supervises a group of 20 students that are exploring ways to make new functional materials from a biological approach.  In his research, he has been using cellulose nanocrystals obtained from paper as a building block for new materials with unexpected properties. He also makes new materials from waste crab and shrimp shells.  Dr. MacLachlan will present some of his research group’s efforts to create new materials that mimic the optical properties of butterfly wings and beetle shells.


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