Immigration Stories

Socials Studies 10 Art Enriched Students

collaborating with:

Port Moody Heritage Society & Station Museum

“Unpacking My Suitcase” – Immigration in Canada

For this special exhibition the students of Ms Lehtonen’s Social Studies 10 Art Enriched course prepared a series of suitcases.

The students researched immigration policies and history. The result of this meticulous research is presented in the form of a fictional character’s suitcase.
Each suitcase contains a carefully researched story and beautifully crafted contents.

On Feb 19th, the students “disembarked” the train at the station museum and presented their suitcases to family, staff and media.

The idea behind this project is to highlight the individual. Immigrants are often perceived as a faceless and frequently threatening group. Each suitcase tells a individual story, removing people from anonymity. By opening each suitcase the observer is invited share the life of people who make up our communities.

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