Cover letter and application clarification for Burnaby District Scholarships- due on Monday

Hello Grads,
When you submit your applications on Monday, your cover letter to the Byrne Creek Scholarship Committee simply addresses the Byrne Creek Scholarship Committee and LISTS the scholarships for which you are applying.  Include your phone number and email address on this letter.  You only need ONE copy of this letter on top of ONE of your applications.
Please only use PAPERCLIPS on your package.  This saves A LOT of time when I make copies of your application for the committee(s).
Each scholarship package must include (and in this order):
•General Scholarship/AwardsApplication Form (found on our website)
•Specific Application form for EACH scholarship (found on our website)
– Example: BASES, Chad Turpin, Marlene Larson Scholarship…
– include all details that the specific application requires
•Financial need statement (if applicable)
– Do you live in a single-income home? Do you work part-time to help with family responsibilities? What is the nature of your parents’ job(s)? How will this money make an impact on your financial stress?
•Updated Resume
•Copy of your grade 11 and 12 transcripts (accessible through MyEd)
•Minimum of THREE reference letters to support community and school service
– Be sure to ask your reference to include the quality of your involvement, number of hours, dates, and any details of your involvement
•Include documentation like certificates, pictures of trophies or medals…
– copies of these recognitions boost your package
When you submit your application(s) on Monday to room B110, you will see a folder for each scholarship.  You will place your application in each applicable folder.  The Byrne Creek Scholarship Committee will finalize our nominees before Friday, April 5th.  The Burnaby District Scholarship Committee will finalize our winner before Friday, April 12th.  Winners will be notified before Friday, April 19th.
There are MANY private scholarships available as well.  Please keep applying for scholarships and bursaries.  And remember, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  Wayne Gretzky.
Best wishes,

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