How do you submit your Burnaby District Scholarship application(s)? Info here!

Hi everyone,

If you plan to apply for any of the Burnaby District Scholarships, please email me ASAP to receive the link to submit your application(s).  I will be emailing you the link to join the Scholarships TEAM on Office 365.

Once you receive the link, you will need to sign in to TEAMS.  To do this, you will:

  • go to
  • click on OFFICE 365 at the top of the screen
  • login
    • to do this, you need your user ID and password.
    • your user ID
    • your password is the same as the one you use to login to any computer at school.
  • click on TEAMS
  • click on 0365_08_Falsetto_Scholarships
  • click on ASSIGNMENTS
  • click on the scholarship for which you are applying
  • click on +ADD WORK
  • click on TURN IN assignment

Please ensure your work is saved as ONE PDF with the name:

Last name- First name – name of scholarship.

Ex. Doe-John-BASES.pdf

Then, I will receive a notification that you submitted your application. That’s it!  🙂

Please contact me with questions.  I am happy to help!

Thank you and keep well,


PS Wash your hands!




Burnaby District Scholarships are still due this Tuesday, March 31st at 4:30pm

Hello Graduates,

Thank you for your patience as we determine the safest way for you to submit your scholarship applications.  Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, applications will be submitted online.

There are 2 important pieces of information you must recognize here: 

  1. You will be required to submit your application package as one pdf.  For instance, if you are applying for BASES, you will submit the following documents as one pdf:
  • Application form for the specific scholarship
  • General Scholarship/Awards Application Form
  • Financial need statement
    • Do you live in a single-income home? Do you work part-time to help with family responsibilities? What is the nature of your parents’ job(s)?
  • Updated Resume
  • Copy of your grade 11 and 12 transcripts
  • Minimum of THREE reference letters to support community and school service
  • Documentation like certificates, pictures of trophies or medals…

2. Be sure to save your file with a name in this format:

Last name-first name-name of scholarship.pdf  For example: Doe-John-BASES.pdf

I am still working on the most efficient format to officially submit each application – your continued patience is much appreciated.  In the mean time, please note that the application deadline for the Burnaby District Scholarships will still be this Tuesday, March 31st at 4:30pm.  

Please let me know via email if you do not have adequate access to a computer or the internet to submit your application.  We will determine an alternate method, if this is the case for you.  We will work together!

Feel free to email me with questions at

Please stay home, wash your hands, stay safe.

Thinking of you,


Updates regarding COVID-19’s influence on scholarship due dates will be coming…

Hello Graduates,

I have been thinking about you during these extraordinary times.  I do not have any new information about changes in scholarship due dates yet.  When I hear any info, I will be sure to post it on this website, on Twitter (@MsFalsettoByrne) and Instragram (@byrnecreekscholarships).  If you have questions about outside private scholarships, I encourage you to email or phone the organization directly with your questions.

Feel free to contact me anytime with scholarship questions.

Stay home, stay safe.

Best always,

Ms. Falsetto

3 x $1,000 South Burnaby Metro Club Bursary for soccer, baseball, and basketball: Due April 30th

South Burnaby Metro Club – Les Tarnowski Bursary Application Form
the South Burnaby Metro Club will be awarding three (3) $1,000.00 bursaries representing our
youth Soccer, Baseball and Basketball programs.  The bursaries are open to all graduating Grade 12
students who have in the past or present been actively involved with one of our programs for a minimum
of three (3) years. Multiple sport applications will be accepted, however, you must have participated at
least three (3) years in each specified sport and you may receive only one (1) of the bursaries.
Please complete the following questionnaire referencing the second page. Attach additional sheets, 
if necessary. Submit your application with a covering letter and documentation to: SBMC Bursary
Committee, PO Box 72022, 4429 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4P9.
Application must be received by Thursday, April 30, 2020. See note at end regarding submission.
Application form is HERE.

2 x $1000 Live Life. Pass It On. Scholarship for students raising awareness for organ donation: Due May 4th


Logan Boulet, a 21-year old hockey player, did not survive the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash that killed 16 people in 2018. Logan registered as an organ donor just weeks before the accident and had spoken to his father about his wishes a year before. Logan was able to save six people’s lives through his organ donation.

As news spread of Logan’s selfless act, thousands across the country and  world were inspired to register as organ donors. This became known as the “Logan Boulet Effect”. To mark the day Logan Boulet became an organ donor, the Boulet family launched Green Shirt Day on April 7 of every year. 

New this year, BC Grade 12 students can apply for one of two $1,000 scholarships HERE. It’s a great opportunity for students to demonstrate leadership by raising awareness for organ donation in their school or community.

To apply:
  • Submit a 500-word essay or short video that showcases your organ donation awareness project, how you planned it, and its impact.
  • If you have a personal connection to organ donation or transplant, share that story with us.
  • Get creative – we love to see photos, videos, drawings, recordings, poems and whatever else helps support your submission.
  • Provide a reference letter from a teacher/community leader.
  • You must not be related to anyone employed at BC Transplant.

Application is due May 4th.

Are you considering a career in Biotechnology? BCIT has a Career Awareness Program: Application due March 6

BCIT Biotechnology Awareness Career Awareness Program: April 27-May 1

We’ve had several Byrne Creek students complete this program. Please see Ms. Falsetto with questions. I am happy to connect you with past participants.

Eligible students must:

Have an expressed interest in science-related curriculum, be enthusiastic about scientific research and lab work, and be interested in learning about careers related to biotechnology.

Be a Grade 10, 11 or 12 student

Actively participate in the lab-based workshops and attend all sessions

Be able to initiate and maintain conversation with practicing professionals at an industry site concerning occupational information and scientific focus

Daily topics include:

What is biotechnology? 

Renaissance or Revolution 

The component technologies 

Applications of Biotechnology

Basic Biotechnology Principles 

Cell theory 

The role of Protein 

How genes are turned into proteins 

Extra-chromosomal DNA

For full program and applcation criteria, CLICK HERE.

Applications are due March 6th, 2020

$1000 Clean Energy Scholarship for students pursuing a future in clean energy: Due Tuesday, May 14th

Clean Energy BC (CEBC) is pleased to be offering a student scholarship of $1,000. The scholarship is available for students who are interested in pursuing a future in clean energy at a post-secondary institution.

Eligibility  Must be a BC secondary student (full-time, currently enrolled) that is graduating in 2020.

Application Materials • Applicants must submit a 1-2 page paper (approximately 500 words) responding to the following question:

“Why is clean energy important to me as a young person in BC?”

Please cite any relevant experience with projects, volunteering, or community work, and indicate any future plans for involvement. Be sure to indicate the post-secondary institutions you have applied to, as well as any acceptances you have received!

• Applicants must additionally provide one letter of reference (must not be a relative). This could be from a teacher, a community representative, a religious/spiritual teacher, or a coach. The reference letter should speak to your character as a person.

• Please do not forget to provide your contact information – address, phone number, and e-mail.

Please submit your application by email to:

Please note that all decisions of CEBC’s Awards Committee are final. The winner will be notified in early June 2020.

CEBC is a registered non-profit society in BC and represents the interests of its members who are developers/operators of projects in wind, solar, hydro, and biomass, and supply chain companies that provide legal, engineering, construction, and environmental services.

Deadline: Thursday, May 14th, 2020