2 x $3000 BCIT Pathways to Success Scholarships for students in technology, technical studies or trades: Due April 1st

Students are encouraged to visit the BCIT website for education and career opportunities… there are MANY! 96% of BCIT grads are employed.  Attend a BCIT info session to learn more. Scholarship information flyer is HERE.  Application form is HERE.


  •   The School District selection committee will select the BCIT Pathway to Success Award Recipient(s).
  •   Selected students must meet or exceed the program’s entrance requirements. BCIT entrance requirements are program specific. For further information visit bcit.ca.
  •   Students must have applied to a full time first year technology, technical studies, or trade program (excluding Apprentice) and have a BCIT student number before being considered for an award.
  •   The School Districts will keep all original award selection documents and send a photocopy of their selected recipients BCIT Pathway to Success Award application.
  •   The award offer is subject to the student receiving full acceptance into a full-time BCIT program. Should the student(s) not gain full acceptance or not register for a full time program, the award will automatically be withdrawn.
  • Application deadline for students: April 1, 2019

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