$100,000 Schulich Scholarship: Deadline to apply is Wednesday, January 10th

50 Schulich Scholarships are awarded each year:

  • 25 at $100,000 for engineering
  • 25 at $80,000 for science, technology or mathematics

Schulich Leader Scholarships are prestigious entrance scholarships awarded to high school graduates enrolling in Science, Technology,Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) programs at our 20 Canadian partner universities.

Recognizing the increasing importance and impact that STEM disciplines will have on the prosperity of future generations, businessman and philanthropist Seymour Schulich established this $100 million scholarship fund in 2012 to encourage our best and brightest students to be the next pioneers of global scienti c research and innovation.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Graduate high school or Cégep in the 2017/2018 academic year
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Plan to enroll in STEM at one of our partner universities
  • Meet at least two of the following criteria:
    • Academic excellence
    • Leadership (community, business or entrepreneurial)
  • Financial need
  • Not planning a career as a medical practitioner

Byrne Creek will nominate one student. Deadline to apply to the Byrne Creek Scholarship Committee is Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.

The official deadline to apply to the Schulich Foundation is Thursday, February 22nd.

More information is available HERE.

Schulich website is HERE.


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