Michael J. Fox Scholarship for Visual Arts: deadline Friday, April 6th, 2018

Is your passion in DANCE, DRAMA, MUSIC, visual art, theatre, script writing, stagecraft, directing or media arts? If yes, apply for the Michael J. Fox Scholarship!
  1. AWARD CRITERIAYour letter of application must include the following information:
    • Confirmation that you are currently enrolled in a visual or performing arts course in a Burnaby secondary school.
    • Documentation to demonstrate your interest, dedication and aptitude in an arts or in multiple arts disciplines, e.g. dance, drama, music, visual art, theatre, script writing, stagecraft, directing, media arts.
    • Evidence of your financial need and an explanation of why there are no other financial resources available to you.
    • A history of your school and/or community involvement (i.e. school productions, student government, choir member, volunteer work, charity work, service clubs).
    • A copy of your secondary school transcript to demonstrate that your grades are high enough for acceptance to a post-secondary educational institution.
    • A statement that indicates your desired post-secondary Degree or Certificate in an Arts discipline and your Career Goal.
More details are available HERE.
Please note that the Byrne Creek deadline is Friday, April 6th 2018 to Ms. Falsetto.
The amount for this scholarship has not been determined yet… stay tuned! There is over $10,000 available.

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