Canva Access for Byrne Creek LLC Students

Byrne Creek students working with Ms Parsonson can access the LLC Canva program here.

Use your school email and password to access. If you do not you will be removed from Canva and your work erased.

All accounts, unless discussed with Ms Parsonson, will be deleted each quarter. Download all your work and erase, if you wish to keep a copy.

Here are some How To Videos to help. This is a great quick video to start. Here is a list of short design videos.

Searching out Quality and Rights Cleared Images

There are a number of potential ways of find images that are high quality and rights cleared images.

  1. We have access to Britannica Online Image Quest. This resource has a great search engine which allows you to search subjects and shapes and create citations. Click here to access.
  2. Pixabay is an online resource that offers some rights-free images. People can choose to sign up or search as a guest. Like Google, it does also have adult content so be aware.
  3. Google Image search does offer a search with a rights cleared options. Note that just because an image can be “googled” does not mean you have the permission to use it.