Grade 8 and 9 Students: Core Competencies Reflections May 15-29

Grade 8 and 9 Core Competency Reflections have been moved to an online format which will now take place between May 15th and May 29th.  The following resources explain the process students will follow and provide them with sample reflection questions.

There are two possibilities: to either write or video tape your reflections.  Here are some key resources to help complete the reflections:

  •  Click here to see the Letter to Families and Students 
  • Then:
    • Click here to see a pdf for detailed instructions on How to Create the Written Response.
    • OR click here to see a pdf for detailed instructions on How to Create the Video Reflection.

If students would rather complete their reflection through a personal conversation with a teacher, they should e-mail Mrs. Virani to set up an appointment.

Sketch Notes


Sketch Notes or Visual Notetaking is an effective way to both learn and share ideas with others. There are a number of key visuals that can help such as stylized font or lettering, bullets, frames  and connectors. Details, shapes and images can also help make an image stand out.




Here is an video overview of Sketch Notes.

If you are interested there are many other videos to help you become more skilled. Here are some:

Biology 12: Diseases and Disorders

Besides the LLC’s print texts and reference books we have access to a number of sites. Please avoid using Wikipedia for this type of research. Although Wikiedia is handy, it may not always be accurate.

The district offers online Encylopedia and Databases. Explora 8-12, World Book Advanced and Science in Context all offer good options for your topics. Explora and Science in Context offer numerous  curated current articles and videos on the topic. World Book offers a simple, but thorough article.  I have also listed several online government sites which focus on diseases.


Napoleon-Villain or Hero?

Napoleon is a complicated historical figure. Your task is to judge his actions and decide once and for all- is he a villain or a hero? Look through a variety of sources and then prove your point.

  • Please click here for a set of curated resources on Napoleon.
  • Also check out the school’s online encyclopedias here.
  • A PDF of the Napoleon Presentation here.
  • A PDF of the Sketchnote Presentation here.
  • Click here for a Word document for taking notes.