Online Citation Makers

How do I create a bibliography?

The following online citation-makers will help you pull your bibliographic details together in the proper format. Follow the instructions provided by the actual pages. You will need to copy and paste the final text into your document.

  • ZoteroBib This is the site recommended by SFU’s Librarians. It’s free and Open Source with a clean and easy to read design. From this link you can also download their free app which gives more options, including saving and sharing files.

Other Sites


  • Use MLA citation style unless your teacher tells you to use another one.
  • Organize citations in alphabetical order by first word.
  • If you are citing a database (e.g., Science in Context) or online encyclopedia, you can find the citation at the end of the article.  Just copy and paste. For the encyclopedia, choose the MLA version.
  • Citing websites:
    • Online citation-makers will help you cite websites, but you might need to check back to the website to find all the necessary details.
    • Be sure to include a publisher in your citation. (“Np” means “no publisher.”)  If you can’t find one, think twice about using the site.
    • To find out who the owner/publisher of a website is, go to and enter the domain name.  Example:  (Don’t enter the “www” part.)  The “Registrant” is the owner/publisher.
    • Complete the CRAAP Detection checklist to verify your resource’s validity and credibility.

VIDEOS: 3-minute guides on plagiarismparaphrasingcitations and in-text citations for your bibliography.  Also, getting started on a research project (hint: choose something that interests you).