It is a BIG deal¬†–¬† learn about love vs. control in dating relationships, Canada’s sexual consent laws and identifying when and how to get help (click on the download button)

What’s the Deal? – learn about healthy relationships, boundaries and cyberbullying (click on the download button)

Be SMART, Strong & Safe – learn about online and offline personal safety (click on the download button


MediaSmarts – digital and media literacy resources

ProtectChildrenCA – videos on YouTube Рthis site is FOR teens and includes information on how to remove sexual pictures and videos from facebook, twitter etc. – has resources on internet safety for educators/parents of teens including information sheets on topics such as smartphone safety tips; online luring and cyberbullying.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection – has various programs and resources for educators/parents.

CBC News story (Sept. 2016) about the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s national ad campaign to promote awareness of online child abuse.

Strategies to stop bullying