Robotics Stations

Division 7, 8, and 9 have been coming to the library each week to learn about robotics and coding. They worked in groups and made their way through seven different stations that exercised their logic, perseverance, and critical thinking skills. The students were challenged to read through a few basic rules and tips and then try to figure out how to use these new tools on their own. This developed their skills and added new ones through play and collaborative work.

Take a look below to see all the fun they had:

VEX Robotics with Division 4

The Grade 5/6 students in Ms. D’Silva’s class have been learning to build and program robots. They used VEX IQ kits to learn about the purpose, main components, and logic of robotics.

They started out by building a Standard Drive Base. They controlled their completed robots both autonomously (using code) and non-autonomously (using a controller). They were asked to create programs to get their robot to drive in a square, do a figure eight, and complete a maze.

They then learned how to use sensors on their robots in order to make their programs more complex. This allowed them to create code to get their robot to do things like drive like a Roomba. Some groups got creative by adding sound and lights to their robot.

Finally, the students added on to their robot to build the Clawbot. It was fun to try and pick up different objects with the robotic arm.

Thank you to the Burnaby DLRC for providing our students with this valuable resource!


Welcome to the Reading Cafe

On Thursday, Division 4 came into the library for a book tasting. No, that doesn’t mean we were licking the fiction section! A book tasting is when you sample a variety of different books to try to find something that interests you and is at your “just right” level. In order to “taste” a book you should look at the front cover, read the blurb on the back or inside flap, and read the first few pages.

The menu on Thursday was a feast of novels which are set in different times and under different systems of government. Through these novels, Division 4 will be exploring the Big Idea “Systems of government vary in their respect for human rights and freedoms.” As they tasted, students were asked to write down what they did and did not like about the book. Next week, they will be put in groups based on the books they chose.

Over the next few weeks, the groups will be reading their books together and meeting for weekly literature circle discussions where they can talk about their reading.

Is there any food better than a good book?

Orange Shirt Day

Our school observed Orange Shirt Day on Wednesday, September 30th.
We are fortunate to have so many Indigenous authors and illustrators with published books so that we may learn about Indigenous culture and ways of knowing, residential schools and their impact, and ways in which we can come together in reconciliation.

Shi-shi-etko, by Nicola I. Campbell, inspired Ms. McQueen’s class to connect with nature and usecottonwood leaves to create heart-shaped rubbings for Orange Shirt Day.  We explored the significance of the land in the story which connects Shi-shi-etko to her family, her traditions, and her culture.  Please read more about this beautiful, powerful story here.

International Dot Day – September 15ish

Welcome to another school year!  While it is a very different start than what we are used to, our ability to share in the joy and wonder of reading never changes!  






In recent years, a fun and enjoyable way to begin the school year is for me to read Peter H. Reynold’s book, The Dot to classes.  This is the story of a young girl who is struggling with her art and her confidence.  The theme of the book is to make your mark and see where it takes you.  This year I am teaching one day a week in Ms. McQueen’s class, so we celebrated Dot Day on September 15th by exploring with dot painting, nature mandalas, patterning, the 3D Quiver app, and made links to Metis art.  In connection to the book, we wondered, “How can we leave a positive mark on our school community this year?”.

Enjoy this video from Peter H. Reynolds and Happy Belated Dot Day!

Burnaby Public Library Summer Reading Club

This year the Burnaby Public Library is moving their Summer Reading Club online.  Visit their website here to find out how to sign up!  You can also find a list of book recommendations here and you can still borrow books using their paper back pickup service.

For our Grade 7 students, the Teen Reading Club is also available.  Find out more by clicking on the image below.

I know this summer will be different than we are used to, but we can all still enjoy reading and spending time with stories!  Happy Summer Reading!

Hair Love

Today we have a beautiful story that celebrates love and father-daughter relationships.  Zuri has hair that has a mind of its own and as hard as she tries, she just cannot get it to do what she wants.  It’s up to her dad to help give her the hairstyle she wants!

Watch the animated short film that won an Oscar award, which is a special award given to outstanding work in movies.  Then click on the book cover image to listen to the story read aloud.

Read Aloud with Mrs. Good – #7

Hello Stoney Creek Community!

This will be my last read aloud of the school year and I have enjoyed continuing to be able to share stories with you even though we cannot be together in the library.  I hope you have enjoyed my book choices as much as I have enjoyed reading them to you.  Thank you for listening and my last pick is Pink is for Boys.  Hop on over to my Read Aloud page and let’s celebrate all the colours and everyone’s right to enjoy whichever colours they want!  What is your favourite colour?