VEX Robotics with Division 4

The Grade 5/6 students in Ms. D’Silva’s class have been learning to build and program robots. They used VEX IQ kits to learn about the purpose, main components, and logic of robotics.

They started out by building a Standard Drive Base. They controlled their completed robots both autonomously (using code) and non-autonomously (using a controller). They were asked to create programs to get their robot to drive in a square, do a figure eight, and complete a maze.

They then learned how to use sensors on their robots in order to make their programs more complex. This allowed them to create code to get their robot to do things like drive like a Roomba. Some groups got creative by adding sound and lights to their robot.

Finally, the students added on to their robot to build the Clawbot. It was fun to try and pick up different objects with the robotic arm.

Thank you to the Burnaby DLRC for providing our students with this valuable resource!


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