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On Thursday, Division 4 came into the library for a book tasting. No, that doesn’t mean we were licking the fiction section! A book tasting is when you sample a variety of different books to try to find something that interests you and is at your “just right” level. In order to “taste” a book you should look at the front cover, read the blurb on the back or inside flap, and read the first few pages.

The menu on Thursday was a feast of novels which are set in different times and under different systems of government. Through these novels, Division 4 will be exploring the Big Idea “Systems of government vary in their respect for human rights and freedoms.” As they tasted, students were asked to write down what they did and did not like about the book. Next week, they will be put in groups based on the books they chose.

Over the next few weeks, the groups will be reading their books together and meeting for weekly literature circle discussions where they can talk about their reading.

Is there any food better than a good book?

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