Jeff Chiba Stearns presents his books and gives drawing workshop

Author and illustrator Jeff Chiba Stearns came to École Sperling Elementary on Friday, May 20th. He presented his books Mixed Critters, Nori and his delicious dreams, and On being Yukiko to classes and he demonstrated how to draw people and animals. Students enjoyed learning to draw using his techniques! Jeff is a truly talented author and illustrator. You will find his books in our school library later this week.

Reading Day will be on May 20th!

This year I am excited to welcome children’s author Jeff Chiba Stearns who will read excerpts from his three books: Mixed critters, Nori and his delicious dreams, and On being Yukiko. He will incorporate drawing workshops into his presentations for several lucky classes on Reading Day. Each class will be doing reading-related activities all day so students will need to bring lots of books from home. Students can wear pajamas or dress up as their favourite character from a book on May 20th if they choose.

Battle of the Books North Zone Final Event

This year 12 teams from Divisions 1-4 competed in the Battle of the Books program to promote reading. Students read a total of 10 novels collectively as a team, and pitted their knowledge against the other teams each week from Spring Break to the beginning of May. Team 9, the Kool Kids, earned the most points at our school and they went on to win 3rd place in the North Zone Final. Congratulations to all the participants!

Battle of the Books 2022 is starting!

Divisions 1-4 will participate in a fun reading program called Battle of the Books throughout March and April this year. Students will work as part of a team to read a selection of novels and compete against the other teams for a chance to participate in the District Finals. You can find a plot summary of each book in the padlet that Mrs. Brenda Papapanagiotou (the teacher-librarian at Westridge Elementary School) created. Click on this link to see the padlet:


Family Literacy Day is January 27th

The theme for Family Literacy Day in Canada this year is Learning in the Great Outdoors. There are many ways to learn new facts and skills from nature. Click on this link for a fun activity booklet to do with your family: Fun Activity Book 2022.

Reading Day is Friday, May 14th!

This year the theme is “Celebrating books that we’ve read throughout the pandemic”. Students will bring books to school on Friday to read and perhaps discuss with their classmates. Students will be allowed to dress as a character in a story (if they bring the book with them), or they can wear pajamas. Mr. MacLean will be our guest reader and there will be a virtual Celebration of Learning at 11:10. We will play READO at 1:40 and students can design a mask depicting their favourite book. I hope that everyone will enjoy this event to celebrate literacy in our school.

Battle of the Books has begun!

Divisions 1 and 2 are competing to see which team can collect the most points based on their knowledge of these ten novels! The winning team will participate in the  virtual District Final event on April 27th.

The winning team was Team 5. Congratulations! They placed well in the final district event.

February 24 is Pink Shirt Day

We have lots of books that feature anti-bullying strategies.

February 17 is I Read Canadian Day!

Come to the library to find books by your favourite Canadian authors such as Melanie Watt, Robert Munsch, and Barbara Reid.

February is Black History Month

Come and see the books that we have to support Black History Month!