The Invention of Hugo Cabret – Book vs. Movie

Last week, I book talked The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian  Selznick  which won the Caldecott Medal in 2008 for best illustrated book by an American. I promoted this book because the movie, Hugo which is based on the book was released yesterday at the movie theatres. I showed you a movie trailer last week and have found a different one which you can watch.  If your parents aren’t sure about the movie, you can show them this movie trailer! The movie has been rated as PG – Parental Guidance recommended, but one movie reviewer for the School Library Journal says it could easily be rated as G – General audience. If you see the movie, what do you think it should be rated as – PG or G? Also, after seeing the movie, are you now interested in reading the book? Students who have already read the book and seen the movie, which is better?


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