What is Re-Think?

Welcome to the Burnaby North ReThink website

Speaker Series for the 2020-2021 school year are now over! Thank you to all of our guest speakers and to those students who joined in for the presentations. Have a great summer and check back in the Fall 2021 for next year’s updates. 

The skills students require to thrive in the world around us are changing. As a result, students, families, and educators are keen to learn in a flexible, fluid and dynamic environment that facilitates this change.  ReThink is an opportunity for students and families at Burnaby North who want a different school experience that is built around student interest, driven by inquiry, lives in the community, and aligns with the redesigned curriculum and demands of the world in which we live.

ReThink is inquiry-based, driven by projects that exist beyond the walls of the school and built on a foundation of community and collaboration. This foundation has been established through partnerships with the City of Burnaby, Simon Fraser University, BCIT, BC Hydro, the Port Moody Heritage Society & Port Moody Station Museum, Burnaby RCMP, ICBC and Burnaby Neighbourhood House along with other local organizations.

Some of the reasons why students should get involved with ReThink:

  • Provide students opportunities to grow their talents and be great in their own way
  • Nurture the skills and habits of mind students require to become learners, thinkers & creators
  • Help students transfer knowledge and skills from the classroom to the community around them
  • Encourage and celebrate entrepreneurial qualities
  • Create connections and networks with community partners

Re-Think is a series of learning opportunities and experiences that are available to all students. It is an Un-Program.

There are five main components of Re-Think. Students can opt into all or any of the components.






Check out the list of projects that North students and community partners are currently working on, have worked on, and will work on in the future on our Community Projects page.

Community Partners to date:

Personal Inquiry Projects allow for students to make their learning live outside the classroom by documenting their individual learning path, skills and interests while investigating a topic of personal interest.


Burnaby North invites speakers from different and varied partner groups and community members on a variety of topics. Please visit our Speaker Series page for specific information on upcoming speakers. Creative Design Challenges are being set up for students to work on and challenge themselves. Learning Portfolios allow for students to make their learning live outside the classroom by documenting their individual learning path, skills and interests.  The Ministry of Education’s Core Competencies are the base of our learning portfolios.