Pedestrian Safety in Burnaby

This is a joint project between Burnaby North Re-Think students, ICBC, Burnaby RCMP and the City of Burnaby.  The goal of the project is for ReThink students to prepare personal pedestrian safety messages geared to their peers.  The aim is to create awareness about the dangers that pedestrians face amongst youth and stress the importance of good safety behaviours in a fun and interactive way. 


Our community partners will be returning for meeting #3 on Tuesday Nov. 28th in Block 3 in Room 218. All students involved in the Campaign Initiative need to attend and any new students are encouraged to come out as well.  Download a Field Trip Form.




ArtStarts – Material World

Ms. Stuedel’s Art 9/10 Class Working with Artist Jacquie Rolston

Students will explore the idea of ‘waste’. They will document waste in their own lives, either by drawing, photography or film/animation. They will then choose a material to work with, something disposable or ubiquitous in our world, for example blue jeans, bottle caps, coffee pods, etc. Through research, we will trace the material’s path through the world, where and how that material is made, and what happens to it after being discarded. Students will explore the possibilities of the material, how to cut it, shape it, join it, to create a sculpture or useful object from it in response to their research.


Port Moody Heritage Society & Station Museum

Immigration Talk & Project with Socials 10 Art Enriched

Guest Speaker Markus Fahrner (Museum Coordinator) will be coming in to talk to Ms. Lehtonen’s SS 10 Art Enriched class about immigration and local stories. He is hoping to have students help do an Immigration Exhibit telling local stories by going through artifacts, archives, and personal museum pieces.

The museum is also looking at having students do an “Art & War” piece and is still in the works. More info TBA after the Immigration Project.




BC Hydro Electrical Safety Social Media Campaign

Students pitched ideas on how to improve electrical safety for teens to BC Hydro executives.



Capcom Video Game Programming

Students will have more information in December for a January Guest Speaker and Event for students. Thank you for the support.