Your Digital Footprint and Reputation – April – Digital Literacy & Citizenship

Your Digital Footprint and Reputation – April

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digi_footprintHave you ever walked on a sandy beach or a muddy trail, turned around only to see your footprints clearly left behind? The same thing happens when you enter the web world but the difference is your online activity can leave a permanent trail… a digital footprint that is a reflection of you. As every digital citizen has a significant amount of control over what is shared and how it is shared, what kind of footprint do you want to create as you walk in your daily digital path?

Don’t sweat! Your digital presence and reputation is in your hands. Choose to build a positive online identity – one that truly represents the kind of person you want to be. Before you share, stop and think about the identity you are choosing to build and maintain, and reflect on how it will affect your reputation now and in the future. Take pride in your digital footprint at any age. People in all walks of life will respond well to a positive online representation of you whether you are 10 or 110!  Click here for classroom activities.

Check out other resources on digital footprint and reputation:


Continue to have conversations with your child about what they share online and the kind of reputation they are building. Make these discussions a regular everyday topic! Click here for a Family Tip Sheet on Privacy and Digital Footprints from Common Sense Media.

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