Monthly Archives: October 2015

“Drop Everything and Read Day” (D.E.A.R.)


Monday, October 26th was “Drop Everything and Read Day” (D.E.A.R.) across B.C. and 19 of our classes participated. Students and teachers in our school read for a total of 9380 minutes!


Upcoming Events

The Red Cedar book clubs will begin soon for students who have been nominated by their teachers. This process is beginning now, and the two clubs will meet with Ms. Hunger every Friday for reading activities starting in November. The Young Reader’s Choice Award book club will also begin in early November and all students in Grades 4-7 are welcome to join this home reading program. Each class will be notified of these clubs throughout the upcoming week. In addition to these activities, there will be a French Book Fair from December 7-10th.

Thank you to all parent volunteers in the library!

Ms. Hunger would like to thank all of the parent volunteers Mrs. Mrs. Gritta Tettweiler, Mrs. Helen Ismirnioglou, Mrs. Sandy Szutu, Mrs. Olive Chan, and Mrs. Michelle Jenkins who shelve books and attach plastic covers on them for the library programs.


The September Book Fair was a great success!

The Scholastic Book Fair was a great success! The money earned from this fundraising event will go towards paying for the plastic sheets that we cover all of the paperback books with, as well as more book tape, reading club prizes and certificates, boxes of spine labels, and library books that I purchase from other suppliers. I was able to buy many of the books from the fair to add to the library collection. Look for the new books on display now! Thanks for supporting our school library.