BC Public Post-Secondary Institutions

The Province of British Columbia has declared its commitment to access to education for all students with disabilities. Through the development of policy, procedures and the implementation of programs the Province has addressed student needs at public educational institutions through reasonable access to appropriate learning opportunities.

Programs and services for students with disabilities have grown and improved over the past decades. The aim of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training (AEST) is to ensure that students with permanent disabilities are appropriately represented in the post-secondary population, receive barrier free education and acquire the skills and training necessary to access the labour market.

The Resource Directory of Disability Programs and Services has been developed in consultation with the Disability Coordinator Articulation Committee and is updated annually. The document is intended to provide information on Permanent Disability Programs and Disability Support Service contacts for potential students, their counselors, families, and referral agencies.” (Work BC, 2015).


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Douglas College – Vocational Education and Skill Training (VEST) Program

Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Employment and Community Studies (EACS) Program