Learning Disabilities Handbook

This handbook is designed to complement participation in our CEE workshops and training
programs. The Integra Handbook on Learning Disabilities was first developed in 2007 by Dr.
Barb Muskat to complement our flagship workshop “Walk a Mile in My Shoes,” which we
adapted with permission from workshop ideas of Dr. Richard Lavoie. This handbook was revised
in 2009 by Dr. Marjory Phillips, Melissa Rowbotham, and Helen Hargreaves. This third revision,
reflecting our focus on Learning Disabilities and Mental Health issues (LDMH) was drafted by
Dr. Jen Scully, Kate Cressman, and Dr. Marjory Phillips in 2016. Our flagship workshop is the
Integra Walk-A-Mile in My Shoes workshop, originally developed by Dr. Barb Muskat, and
updated and revised by Integra staff including Melissa Rowbotham, Dr. Marjory Phillips, Helen
Hargreaves, Kate Cressman, and Dr. Jen Scully. The workshop provides participants with an
opportunity to experience the emotional impact of having learning disabilities while also
gaining an understanding of the nature of the challenges. Research on the efficacy of the Walk
a Mile workshop suggests that participants gain empathy as a catalyst for implementing
practical changes and accommodations (Milligan et al., 2010).