CanAssist- Teenwork

TeenWork is an innovative youth employment program from CanAssist at the University of Victoria. The program is designed to help youth with disabilities and mental health challenges find and retain meaningful, part-time paid employment while attending high school. TeenWork was developed with the aim of filling a gap in the employment field for youth with disabilities as they near the transition to adulthood.

In 2018, TeenWork expanded and is now offered in the Lower Mainland in partnership with CBI Consultants Ltd., funded by the Government of Canada’s Skills Link Program. Please see our page about CBI Consultants Ltd. for more information.

The program is best suited to individuals who are:
ages 15 to 19;
motivated to attend regular meetings (one to two per week);
interested in finding paid employment; and
enrolled in high school.

TeenWork serves youth in two streams: group-based and one-on-one. Both streams offer self-awareness and skills-building workshops and activities, and, once a position is found, provide one-on-one, on-site job coaching at workplaces. The referral form is the same for the group-based and one-on-one programs.
TeenWork strives to create a more inclusive society where youth with disabilities are empowered by developing their individual work-related strengths, and employers are supported in integrating people of all abilities into the workforce. Each teen brings a unique skillset and capacity for growth to each workplace. TeenWork job coaches assist youth in developing work readiness skills, achieving independence, and developing the self-confidence needed to succeed in the workplace and beyond.” (CanAssist, 2020)

TeenWork Youth & Adult Employment Programs Guide