1. Starting in Grade 10, begin a file containing reference letters, certificates, awards etc…  If you can’t prove your involvement in a volunteer activity, then it will not be counted for the most prestigious awards
  2. Volunteer work refers to both in school (eg: committees, organizing events) and in the community (eg: volunteer work with children, elderly folk, sports teams)
    • For some scholarships, volunteer work is just as important as academic achievement
  3. READ the application carefully!!!  Each scholarship has unique requirements, deadlines and ways of handling the forms.  It is very important that you do exactly what the instructions say and provide the documentation required.  DO NOT miss deadlines!!  Include a cover letter.
  4. Give teachers and other referees 2-3 weeks notice to write reference letters
  5. In your Grade 12 English/Communication class you will be given the Confidential Burnaby South Scholarship Application.  Fill this out carefully, being sure to include all your activities, and the number of hours of volunteer involvement
    • It is important to explain your financial circumstances and your proposed course of study at a Post-Secondary Institution.
    • Submit this form once you have your Term 1 marks
    • Have this form updated with Term 2 marks as soon as you receive them.  If you have not filled out this form, you will NOT be eligible for in-school scholarships